Everything You Need to Know About E-Waste

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E-waste is a term used to describe old electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones and televisions that are no longer used and discarded. These electronic devices have come to the end of their useful life and can either be refurbished, recycled or, worryingly, sent to refuse sites. E-waste is common when families move house. Often old electronics such as microwaves, radios and washing machines get replaced with new models, leaving their old electronics to go to scrapE-waste is also common in large businesses, as they have large amounts of electronic devices, mainly monitors and computers, that go to waste if they become unfit for use. 

How is e-waste recycled?

All electrical appliances can be taken to your local recycling centre and put in the designated e-waste bin. Due to the variety of e-waste at a recycling centre, the recycled material can be re-purposed for many uses. The e-waste collected at a recycling centre is taken to a specialist waste disposal company. Here they shred the metal, pick out the metals and the plastic elements are sorted out into categories. The most common re-purposed e-waste are mobile phones, games consoles and hover mowers. 

What can businesses do to help change their ways?

Many large companies need to start taking responsibility for their e-waste as they currently do not dispose of their e-waste responsibly. However, some companies have begun the movement towards a more environmentally conscious way of disposing of e-waste and using recycled materials. Apple has started a green initiative that intends to reduce their carbon footprint and use 100% recycled aluminium in their products. 

OKdo is no exception to this green movement. They have developed a Raspberry pi initiative that involves people sending their “pre-loved Raspberry Pi3b, Pi3b+ or Pi4 boards to [them] free of charge and in return you will receive a £10 voucher for use on OKdo.com.” They go on to say that “your Raspberry Pi will then be tested to original Raspberry Pi standards at the Sony Technology Centre where they are originally manufactured and then renewed ready for another life.” 

These companies exemplify the ways we can move towards a greener workplace. Not only implementing these positive habits within their own company but encouraging their customers to follow suit. 

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