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Essay Writing Process: Fundamental Steps

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Essays are the best assistants when it comes to boosting writing skills. They may help one write precisely, deliver ideas promptly, and just understand “yourself”. Since essays are commonly written not for fun but for academic purposes, there should be some rules fulfilled by you prior to delivering papers to your professor. There are various steps to write essays for money online. This review will cover the hints at fundamental steps involved in essay writing.

Writing Art – What Should Be Considered?

Essay Writing

There is one common saying – writing is something that two cannot do the same way. It is true because 20 essays on the same topic will be approached differently. Moreover, all the variants will be considered right and as one’s personal opinion. Still, you should not forget that every opinion added to the essay cannot be considered also the verity. Beyond that, you can occasionally write an essay without any logical flow, hence, make a mistake.

  • The first thing to consider is to learn about the prompt and requirements. You can find the essay rules with educational materials distributed per student or your professor’s consultation. The rules will include the information on the word count, citing/borrowings necessity, research involved among others;
  • The second thing to consider is available timing. You should not leave the papers for the last moment. Essays can greatly affect your grade, which you need to improve. Therefore, leave such assignments at least 1 week in advance, even when you can complete them within an hour;
  • The third thing to consider is to prepare your working place. Yes, do not think it is an unnecessary step because if your writing table is full of distractions, believe us, you won’t recruit your willpower to complete the task.

Finally, to avoid many hurdles with non-understanding of essay writing, you can request free samples of essays on your topic with essay writing help companies which provide students with custom-written papers. No need to deliver the samples as your unique work, but just derive some inspiration for your own written paper. 

Top 5 Fundamental Steps Involved in Essay Writing

Find below the top 5 steps involved in prolific and high-quality essay writing.

Pre-Writing Stage

This step/stage will involve your preparation for the writing. For instance, it is the period of time when you only start understanding the prompt, the requirements. Then, it involves the process of picking the right topic for your essay. After that, the prewriting stage should be dedicated to understanding your reader. In simple terms, you have to put yourself in the professor’s/reader’s shoes to predict their possible questions regarding your essay. Finally, it is all about brainstorming your ideas.

Research Stage

This stage fits mostly research papers, however, if you add research to the essays, it greatly boosts your chances of receiving an improved grade. During this fundamental stage, you have to search for credible sources where you can find valid information for your paper. You research primary and secondary sources. Then, you can put all your findings into the outline. The main idea of this stage is to find at least 5 sources that you can refer to for evidence, facts among others. 

Drafting Stage

During the drafting stage, all you do is write your essay. All the findings from your research, you simply transfer into a paper by using your words. No need to stop to correct the mistakes because it is a simple draft. After completing one paragraph, check it and overlook whether it brings any logic to the reader. Then, write the next paragraphs, and do the same check-up. Note, if you experience hurdles with an introduction, move to the main body. There are many events when students find it helpful to write the introduction after completing the main paragraphs. If the problem is with the conclusion, you can leave it for the last moment when you are 100% sure of the verity of your main body.

Revising Stage

Now, you have to overlook your whole written work and make changes to your mistakes. For instance, rearrange the used words, sentences, and paragraphs if applicable. If one sentence does not bring any value, do not be shy to remove it or replace it with other information. Seek wordy sentences and filler words that simply contribute to word count. Finally, re-read your essay several times aloud. Ideally, you can read it to your friends or relatives to receive sincere feedback.

Editing or Proofreading Stage

The final fundamental step involved in writing the essay is to edit and proofread it. You have to ensure all the sentences are complete and lead to one argument or idea. With the help of Grammarly, check the spelling, capitalization, and some punctuation mistakes. 

When all the stages are perfectly done by you, you can painlessly submit your essay to the professor. On most occasions, such works come with excellent grades, or you receive them with practice only. If you cannot manage writing essays, do not give in, but ask for some help from your professor. Ask them if they can share with you tips on writing better, or speak to them about your common mistakes which they believe should be mastered at once. 

For the best results, when you write essays for yourself without delivering them to the professor, you can post your work in certain social media sources. For instance, there are Facebook groups or blogs where students share their works for evaluation. Post your essay there, and comment after – please give me some feedback. Others will read it and tell you their unbiased opinions. 

Finally, do not forget that the writing process can be approached in several ways. For instance, you should first work on your vocabulary and grammar. After that, you have to work on your creativity and easy brainstorming of ideas. Then, you have to read a lot to become prolific in writing. When these criteria are met, you do not experience any difficulties with your papers but feel like a duck to water, as the famous proverb says.

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