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For the protection of data Enveil collaborates with Thales

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Thales ensures security for critical assets without disrupting existing security infrastructure

Enveil, announced a technology partnership and integration with Thales. The collaboration expands data protection by delivering Enveil’s unmatched Data in Use security capabilities alongside Thales’s advanced data-at-rest and data-in-transit security solutions, allowing enterprises to seamlessly secure their most sensitive data assets throughout the processing lifecycle. By eliminating the vulnerability gap that occurs when data is being used or processed, the integration ensures enterprise customers can satisfy compliance requirements and protect sensitive data across each segment of the Data Security Triad.

Data security

Enveil joins the Thales eSecurity ASAP Program, which offers customers fully integrated and field proven solutions in the most demanding environments. The partnership also supports Enveil’s Technology Alliance Program aimed at extending Data at Use security protections across the industry, addressing the final segment of the Data Security Triad. At the core of the partnership is an integration between Enveil’s ZeroReveal™ and the Vormetric Tokenization Server, a flexible tokenization solution for sensitive fields in databases as well as policy-based dynamic data masking. The integration allows enterprises to use Enveil to securely process data that has been encrypted using the Vormetric Tokenization Server, extending protections for sensitive data into the processing layer by enabling secure, encrypted operations over both encrypted and unencrypted data. The addition of Enveil’s complementary search and analytics protection on top of Thales’s leading data protection solutions further reduces users’ data security risk, which is especially valuable for industries facing ongoing compliance concerns.

Arun Gowda, VP of global business development at Thales eSecurity stated, “Sensitive data should be protected at all times – whenever it is created, stored or shared. Integrating Vormetric Tokenization Server’s strong safeguards for sensitive data and applications with Enveil’s innovative capacity to protect data during processing broadens the scope of protection we are able to offer our customers. This collaboration reinforces that enterprises can rely on Thales to ensure that their critical data is always secure, regardless of its location.”




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