Entrepreneurial headache

Entrepreneurial headache? Read how to fight

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Hello to all the entrepreneurs out there. Especially the ones, who have just started their venture. There are people who advise all how to start your own venture, or what parameters one has to follow to juggle the entire entrepreneurial burden. But nobody advises how exactly one can fight with the headache one gets after starting his venture and working vigorously to grow a seed of an idea into a tree.

One starts experiencing the entrepreneurial headache just after completing, let’s suppose, in-between the 1st to 3rd year of one’s entrepreneurship. The reason is simple, though the person is working vigorously to shape his or her idea, but does not give a proper time to himself or herself to come out of this and think something or the other about himself or herself. And this is where the problem of headache lies.

Doing everything by yourself, giving 100% to the work takes it all from you. Thinking about the same thing all day long makes the work you are doing monotonous. Yes, this is the same work you were craving to do all your life, but there is a certain limit for the human body and especially the brain to work. Many a time, your body and brain need refreshment and that is where one lacks.

If you are an entrepreneur, you must have been gone through this phase. But if you are suffering from this phase right now you must read this.

First of all, question yourself, are you seriously wanted to be an Entrepreneur?

Yes, that’s right, the most important thing of all is, are you seriously wanted to be an entrepreneur? Well, the reason to ask this question was as simple, as per a study, the most important and foremost reason of the entrepreneurial headache is the physical and mental burden you are getting. According to the study, the most important reason behind it is that the person actually never wanted to be an entrepreneur at all, but it was the glamour and prestige shrouded around the word entrepreneurship which made him go ahead with the idea.

So, before wasting any further time, ask yourself have you really wanted to be an entrepreneur ever? Or you have just opted for entrepreneurship because of its glamour? If this is the reality, then you will definitely have to suffer from the entrepreneurial headache.

If this I the reason you should just stop doing it. Think again if you feel there is no fun at all in it anymore. If you are getting mentally and physically exhausting then rethink if you seriously want to continue this? Maybe you should think about the move on and try your hands on something else.

Better find out your plus and odds first

 As it has been said that if you are willing to start something new,  you need to understand yourself first. In the same way, if you are getting any problem while understanding the reason why you are not able to cope up with the current mental and physical stress? First Of all count your plus and odds. Try to figure out the problem, then only you can drag a conclusion. But don’t forget, your plus and odds can be the reason of your entrepreneurial headache.

So, if you are experiencing entrepreneurial headache, don’t forget these points to think upon.



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