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HR Strategies: What is Employee Retention?

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Have you ever walked into your workplace and wondered where some of your colleagues have gone?

Since 2021, we’ve seen The Great Resignation, and employers will continue to face challenges with hiring and retaining employees. Nowadays, the average skilled worker has so many options and high standards on what they want from a job.

So what do you do to ensure employee retention and reduce employee turnover?

This guide will show you what is employee retention and how to improve it:

Use a People Manager

The first step is to use a people manager to help influence retention. This is a person whose responsibility is to make employees feel welcome at the workplace.

If you wish to decrease the number of resignations you want your employees to feel part of a larger family. Make sure that you show them an appreciation for their work. 

You’ll also have to find a way to reduce tensions between employees. Today, employees will quit as soon as there are serious issues among their team. The people manager is there to alleviate this.

Give Them Freedom

We are in the age of remote workers and freelancers. As a result, you can only ensure employee retention if you give them freedom.

You must also emphasize this freedom in your hiring strategy. Potential employees must know that they can work flexible hours, work online, work without much supervision, etc.

Even if you can’t give let them work remotely permanently, consider giving them that freedom on occasion. Otherwise, they’ll leave the minute they find a permanent remote job.

You can ensure these freedoms in your job application. This will attract more employees who want to stick to a company in the long run.

If you give them the freedom of a freelancer with the stability of an employee, you’ll significantly reduce the number of resignations.

Get Rid of the Patronizing

One of the biggest issues that many HR departments worry about is ensuring good employee relations. This has led to speech codes, diversity training, etc., to make the workplace more welcoming.

While this might work for some workplaces, this has also led to resentment in other workplaces. 

The main issue is that such practices are seen as patronizing. What you should do is get rid of the patronizing attitude. You need to ensure that everyone gets along without treating them like misbehaved children!

If there are issues within the workplace, consider letting your employees work together to resolve them. Step in when needed but you don’t want your employees to feel that Big Brother is watching them!

Now You Know What Is Employee Retention

Now you know what is employee retention and the best way to reduce the number of resignations at your job.

You want to start by hiring a people manager to work with your employees. They’ll help improve internal employee relations. You must also give them a high level of freedom if you want to ensure employee retention.

Make sure you get rid of the patronizing attitude when resolving employee issues. Treat your employees like adults and only step in when necessary.

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