Elbit Systems acquires Universal Avionics

Elbit Systems acquires Universal Avionics

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Elbit Systems has acquired Universal Avionics Systems Corporation. Universal Avionics will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit after the acquisition.

UASC was founded in 1980 as Universal Navigation by Hubert Naimer. UASC is also a pioneer in development and certification of synthetic vision systems, receiving FAA certification of its Vision 1 SVS in 2006. The company also manufactures data link communications products, cockpit voice recorders, displays, and other avionics systems at its headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

Elbit’s avionics has a capability to serve a variety of aerospace markets, primarily military but including business aviation and air transport. Product lines cover communications, military and helicopter flight decks, electro-optics, and UAS avionics.

Expansion of the FMS project

Dan Reida, UASC vice president of sales and marketing, said that they are very excited about the opportunity that presents them. Their product lines are very complementary; there is no overlap, so that was a natural for them. Elbit’s very much into head-up [displays], and they have a variety of HUDs and EVSs, and they can combine those two. They’ve been successful with that. UASC are the head-down [cockpit avionics] aspect, and together they can integrate those two and provide a total head-up, head-down solution.”

Elbit and UASC had worked previously on FMS projects this is a continued extension of those efforts. The acquisition will open up more channels to market for UASC. Elbit are heavy in the military market, and UASC have own channels on the business and commercial aviation side.



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