E-books Vs. Print: Which one does Students Prefer

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Do you want a clear idea of e-books vs. paper books? Are you a student who wants to explore the shift in educational resources?

If yes, we’ve got you covered.

Digitalization has taken the world by storm in the last couple of decades. The educational sector has also not remained unchanged. As a kid, I remember my teachers teaching me with paper books. Now that I am an adult and in university, my professors teach me with electronic books.

Due to the rise of eBooks, its worldwide market is expected to generate a revenue of US$14.16 billion by 2023.

The major shift occurred during COVID-19 when the educational sector could only be conducted online. Students used different learning and writing resources, such as term paper services, online resources, eBooks, and more, to advance their education.

In our hands-on comparison, we’ll help you uncover which one might be a suitable option for you as a student!

What are E-books?

In simple words, you can understand e-books as book publications that are made available in electronic forms. It consists of texts, images, and everything like paper books.

One of the best parts about e-books is that they are available in the palm of your hand. You just need internet access and are ready to start anyway. These days, due to advancements, you can even study things online, as a lot of e-books can be downloaded.

Using e-books and getting help from assignment writers, students can prepare and complete their assignments quickly. An assignment writer is an individual who specializes in creating high-quality academic content.

What are Paper books?

A paper book includes designed paper that is published after it gets printed. Later, paper books were published but before paper books used to be handwritten. It is also known as Softcover book.

One of the best parts about paper books is their simplicity. You get to turn the pages with your hand, the smell of the new paper is something unbeatable. It doesn’t require any battery, charge, or internet.

You simply need to buy a book and carry it around and you’re ready to start learning.

eBooks vs. Paper Books: Which is the Better Option for You?

This article will familiarize us with eBooks vs. paper books based on various factors. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1.    Portability

Due to advancements in technology, you don’t have to carry many things on your own. Even if you carry an eBook you don’t need to carry it on your own for a longer period.

However, if you’re an individual who doesn’t like to carry many things on your own. eBooks are the right solution for you. We say so because you don’t need to carry your eBooks around. You can simply open it anywhere where you have internet access and start to study.

Not only that, but some eBooks are also downloadable, so you don’t even need access to the internet. You can simply start reading from the same page you’ve left.

Hence, based on portability, the eBook is the clear winner.

2.    Availability

If you’ve ever ordered a paper book, you know the hassle. The wait is never-ending at some point it even starts to get frustrating. But that’s not the case with eBooks as you can easily get access to it digitally.

One of the best things about eBooks is that you don’t have to wait longer to get them, and they never go out of stock. Even if your turn is after hundreds and thousands of readers, you both can start at the same time.

That’s not the case with printed books. You need to wait and if books go out of stock you need to wait for a couple of days to buy them again.

Hence, based on availability, eBook is the clear winner.

3.    Eyestrain

One of the complaints that we hear often is that eBooks can strain your eyes if you read for a longer time. Printed books are safe on this note as it doesn’t stain your eyes much. There are quite a few printed books that have very small letter publications. We’d suggest you avoid buying that kind of book.

Even if you read with the lowest brightness, eBooks will cause stains in your eyes. So, if you’re an eBook learner, we’d suggest you allocate only certain hours to learning. You can also get glasses with a doctor’s suggestion to avoid the eye-stain.

Hence, based on health factors, an eyestrain printed book is the suitable option.

4.    Cost

Through a lot of comparison, we’ve figured out that eBooks are much more economical than printed books. However, you need to note that the initial cost of being an eBook reader can be a little costly.

If you decide to buy new things like gadgets to study or if you want to get a premium account for a different eBook site, it can be a little expensive. But in the long run, there won’t be much amount to spend. However, if you want to minimize your learning price, we’d suggest you get started with the gadgets that you owned before instead of purchasing a new one.

Printed books are comparatively expensive due to the printing material, pages, publication cost and more.

eBooks can be more environmentally friendly than printed books.

5.    Impact on Environment

If we just look externally, eBooks are more environmentally friendly than printed books. We say so because the pages of printed books take years and years to be destroyed. On the other hand, you don’t need to destroy an eBook at all.

eBooks can be more environmentally friendly as compared to printed books.

6.    Shareability

If you own a printed book and anyone desires to read the same book, passing on the book to the other person is an easy task.

However, if you purchase an eBook, the account handle is limited to only a person. So, it can be difficult for you to share the books.

One of the best things about printed books is that they can be sent to charity or passed on to juniors. When we were in school, our seniors used to hand over their textbooks and printed books for us to learn.

Based on shareability, printed books are the clear winner.

Wrapping Up:

Your preference between e-books and paper books entirely depends on your learning preference. If you’re a kid who started with learning paper books, then it’s obvious that you’re slightly more inclined towards paper books. But, if you prefer learning with plenty of resources online, e-books can be your go-to solution.

We’d suggest you choose the books that engage you to learn more. After all, it’s all about learning things in the right way as you prefer.

This article helped you uncover the differences between digital books and physical books. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them with us in the comments below.

Happy learning!



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