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Can Dyson’s Bluetooth headphones protect you from air pollution?

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Technology has surprised us from time to time with intelligent and weird inventions. Mostly, mobiles and related devices are updated constantly to provide mindful experiences to users. ‘Headphones’ are the best example without which listening to music would be less entertaining. Many companies like Sony, Phillips, Apple, and Bose have the best products in headphones and earbuds. Recently, Dyson’s Bluetooth headphones have integrated new technology.

Dyson, an international household appliance company has decided to step into the sector of headphones. The Zone’ is a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones having a built-in air purification technology that has a magnetic face visor. The aim of providing a facility of air purification is to minimize air and noise pollution.

How will the technology work?

This technology might seem a little weird, but Dyson’s Bluetooth headphones assure maximum air purification. Small compressors in the Zone will pull the air through the two earpieces; the air will be filtered and sent to the visor. Users can breathe fresh and pure air through the visor. The visor is as same as a mask, however, it doesn’t touch the user’s skin and can be removed for conversation purpose. Users can choose to use the device as headphones with air-purification or simply headphones.

Besides, Dyson’s Bluetooth headphones are also made to provide the best music quality through the headphones. As the technology provides strong noise cancellation techniques with the help of microphones. It can be charged with a USB-C type charger. Dyson’s Link Application can be connected to the headphones that provide quality of the air around the user.

Though the newest technology of Dyson has lots of advantages, the design part still looks very weird and confusing for daily use. Despite integrating the latest technologies in the device, it does not provide 100% noise cancellation and the best music quality. The most disadvantageous thing is the weight of the device. Dyson could not minimize it and handling seems very heavy.

Wonderful Inventions

Dyson is not the only player in the race of different and unique technology device providers. Many companies have invented and launched devices with incredible technologies. Google Pixel’s earbuds can translate the languages in real-time which would be beneficial for international business deals. Hushme’s Bluetooth headsets can keep the conversations secret. Geko’s smart whistle sends SOS signals with GPS tracking.

In the years to come, we shall have many technologies that will be more user-friendly and eco-friendly. The efforts must be appreciated for Dyson’s Bluetooth headphones initiative. The advanced versions of Zone will definitely bring changes in the world of technology.

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