Things to Go in a Dumpster Rental before Hiring One

Learn What Things to Go in a Dumpster Rental before Hiring One

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Do you know what things are allowed in a dumpster rental? If not, you should do a reality check before hiring one. Though a majority of wastes are permissible to dispose of in a dumpster, a few things are not. Then, what are the items to throw away in a dumpster? According to an article published in Huffington Post, the rules differ based on where you stay. In some regions, all recyclables are allowed in a bin, while in other cities, people should segregate cardboard or paper from bottles and cans.

The worst thing to happen is shelling out a fine or penalty fee for tossing the wrong items in a dumpster. Read this article to learn what’s allowed in a dumpster rental.

Wood furniture

You can dispose of wood furniture in a dumpster including common items such as tables, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, shelves, and bed frames. Anything that is manufactured from untreated wood is usually disposed of at landfills.

Household refuse

You can throw away common domestic garbage that is permitted in the majority of the dumpsters. Household refuse comprises of non-risky materials such as regular refuse, furniture, and a couple of appliances. Things like siding and shingles are also safe for dumpsters.

Household appliances

Kitchen appliances like blenders, microwaves, toasters, and coffeemakers are perfect to be thrown away in a dumpster. However, rules do keep changing depending on what kind of appliances you need to eliminate such as washing machines and refrigerators. Smaller appliances are always safe for disposing of in dumpsters. However, checkfor more details from any dumpster rental company Austin before hiring.

Electronic items

Personal computers and other electronic items are usually accepted as waste items provided that these are no longer to be salvaged. However, this is applicable for electronic waste alone disposed of in little amounts. Huge quantities of e-waste call for a different way of disposal. You need to read the particular e-waste rules and guidelines related to electronic items specific to your region.

Air conditioners and refrigerators

You know that air conditioners and refrigerators use Freon, which is a poisonous refrigerant. The toxic material needs to be totally drained before you can dispose of ACs or fridges in a dumpster. You will need the assistance of professional dumpster rental services. Latest refrigerants, for example, Puron is hazardous if released into the environment.


When it comes to adhesives, there are hazardous for disposal. Including them in a dumpster may result in rupture and glue leakage. The waste will then click to the dumpster walls, which is why adhesives aren’t allowed in dumpster rentals.

Medical waste causing infections

Things such as infected materials and syringes aren’t permissible in a dumpster for obvious reasons. Any item that is contaminated with body fluids and blood is a big no for dumpster rentals. Clinical waste can be collected by other waste management services like WasteManaged for disposal. Read more on medical waste disposal rules in your region.


Now that you know what wastes are allowed and prohibited in a dumpster, make a smart decision when hiring any waste removal service.

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