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Simple Tips for Finding The Right Display Freezer: A Guide For Retailers

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A grocery store’s frozen food section should be organized, accessible, eye-catching, and cold! Choosing a suitable freezer is essential for both small and large retail stores. Regardless of the size of the grocery store or restaurant, these tips will ensure that the display freezers exceed the store’s demands in every possible way, from attractive product displays to freshness.

What is a Display Freezer?

A display freezer is a refrigeration unit specifically made to store and showcase frozen products in a retail or commercial environment. Unlike traditional freezers, which are concealed from customers’ view, display freezers are placed strategically for clear visibility, thus making it easy for customers to see and access their preferred frozen items. Most open-front units have transparent glass doors that let customers see the goods while maintaining very low temperatures.

Various designs of display freezers, such as vertical and horizontal types, are available to ensure that the different spatial requirements for product display are met. Display freezers have adjustable shelves and energy-saving lights, and they can be used as functional storage units and marketing tools as they also have advanced temperature control systems. This ability to appeal visually to customers makes this commercial kitchen equipment indispensable in improving the shopping experience.

Why Choose a Display Freezer?

Installing display freezers can offer businesses numerous advantages as they promote productivity and customer appeal. 

Below are five reasons to consider a commercial display fridge:

●     Art of Displaying Products: To attract customers’ attention, the display freezer provides an aesthetic platform for exhibiting frozen goods that tempts impulse buying.

●     Convenience and Accessibility: Display freezers have transparent doors, so customers can see inside without opening the glass-door refrigerator. This makes shopping easy and keeps temperature conditions at optimum levels.

●     Inventory Management: Efficiently watching how products deplete, these refrigerators make it easier for businesses to monitor their stock levels and replenish in time.

●     Customization Options: Display freezers come in various designs and sizes, allowing businesses to select units that fit well within the available space.

●     Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers are attracted to well-arranged, attractive product displays, which result in customer satisfaction during shopping and, hence, increase customer satisfaction with the store and brand loyalty.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Display Freezer 

Does your restaurant have a frozen food aisle, is an ice cream truck, or a candy store? A suitable commercial display fridge is paramount to establishing and maintaining a profitable frozen food section.

Is the space limited? Are sales low? Is the business holding on to old freezer models? 

Here are 15 tips for converting a display counter fridge section.

Know your Product

Any retailer considering display freezers must first clearly understand the kind of product to be stored. Various frozen goods, such as ice cream, frozen meals, or raw meat, require different temperature settings. Choosing a commercial display fridge that can maintain the correct temperature range for these products will ensure the quality and safety of the products.

Know the Range of Products

Various frozen goods require different temperature regimes. Ice cream may demand extremely low temperatures, while others only need a mild chill. Choose a freezer that maintains optimal temperature for the range of products stored.

Consider the Establishment’s Overall Size

Paying attention to retail space is essential as it dramatically affects profitability. Before choosing a display freezer:

  1. Determine the space available to house the freezer.
  2. When considering size, analyze different aspects such as height, width, and depth to blend well with the layout without blocking corridors or causing overcrowding.
  3. Ensure that customers will see the product while facilitating easy customer traffic flow.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Now more than ever, sustainability concerns are a top priority. Find freezers with displays with energy-saving provisions such as LED lighting and good-quality insulation. Every business can benefit from low-energy-consuming equipment in terms of environmental friendliness and long-term savings on utility bills; hence, it’s a win-win situation for the company and the environment.

Choose Between Vertical or Horizontal Freezer Displays

Display freezers exist in various forms, although the vertical and horizontal types are the most popular. A vertical freezer will best serve limited floor space because multiple shelves need to be appropriately arranged for product display but take less room. Conversely, horizontal freezers can hold more items. Consider the area size and the goods displayed when choosing between these models.

Appraise Cooling Mechanisms

The refrigeration system keeps the frozen item storage system at a constant temperature. The two major types of cooling mechanisms for these displays are static and ventilated. Natural airflow depends on static cooling, while fans distribute cold air equally in ventilated cooling. Assess the business’ product requirements and choose a freezer with a cooling mechanism that suits its needs.

Check Temperature Control Features

The temperature must be controlled accurately to maintain the quality and safety of frozen goods. When searching for display freezers, look for options with advanced temperature control features like digital thermostats and adjustable settings. Some models have multiple temperature zones in one unit, enabling the storage of various products at their specific recommended temperatures.

Visibility and Lighting

Frozen foods’ visibility attracts customers, which is one way to maximize sales. Many display freezers with clear interiors are adequately illuminated. LED lighting is a good alternative for achieving better visibility while minimizing energy consumption. Other attributes, such as fog-resistant glass doors, should be considered so that merchandise stays visible and appealing to buyers throughout the shopping experience.

Defrosting Mechanism

Some models offer manual defrosting, whereas others offer automatic or frost-free options. Automatic defrosting prevents interruption to system performance by constantly keeping it optimal, thereby saving time and allowing operation without any hindrances.

Accessibility and Organization

Successful retail businesses require efficient product organization and easy customer access. Look for display freezers with adjustable shelves and doors that open quickly, facilitating quick perusal. Consider the freezer’s positioning to ensure products are systematically displayed appealingly, prompting impulse buying among customers.

Maintenance and Cleaning Requirements

A well-maintained commercial display fridge is essential for both hygiene and long life. When deciding on suitable models, consider the maintenance and cleaning requirements. Choose freezers with features like detachable shelves and surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Moreover, ask whether maintenance services or warranties are available to safeguard the investment for the future.

Noise levels

Consider the overall noise levels of the display freezer, especially if it is near customer areas. Excessively noisy appliances can be very irritating and frustrating for customers. Look for models with noise-reduction features to improve clients’ shopping experience while maintaining the store’s atmosphere.

Quality and Durability

Invest in a durable and well-built display freezer to succeed in the long run. Look for high-quality materials, robust construction, and dependable equipment. A good freezer can withstand everyday pressure in a retail environment without crashing. It also limits the chances of experiencing downtime or costly maintenance procedures, leading to uninterrupted business operations.

Customer Support and Brand Reputation

Select a display freezer from one of the recognized names in the industry, known to produce dependable and quality appliances. Check online customer reviews or testimonials for more information about their satisfaction. The availability and responsiveness of customer support services are other important factors. Thus, having a reliable support system becomes crucial if there are specific problems or worries about the display freezer.

Budget Considerations and the Total Cost of Ownership

It is essential to consider the overall budget, above and beyond the initial cost. Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including energy use, servicing, and possible fixing. Purchasing a slightly more expensive energy-saving model may be beneficial in the long term. To make an appropriate decision that will save money, weigh initial costs and future expenses.

To convert a frozen food aisle into a profit center, understand the retail space, select the accurate display freezer and merchandise effectively, keep things in order, and adopt advertising techniques.

Contact Ancaster Food Equipment for access to top-notch display freezers, expert advice, and exceptional customer service. The Ancaster team will assist in making the most of any frozen food section and finally turning icy profits into reality.

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