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What to Look for When Choosing Digital Signage Software

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Many businesses are now using digital signage software to create, manage, and display content on digital signs and screens. Digital content has become very popular because it can be created once and displayed numerous times in different places. With different software on the market, there are must-have features that you should look for so the one you choose does everything you want it to and much more.

Granular Targeting

Like in marketing, you might not want some messages to reach specific people or be displayed in some spaces. For example, you would not want visitors and customers to see messages and content only intended to be seen by your employees.

For this reason, you should choose digital signage software that allows for granular targeting. You should be able to target different groups, spaces, departments, locations and displays. This feature should be available over the network so you can have this targeted messaging ability wherever you are in the world. This is especially important if your business has numerous locations.

Detailed Statistics and Analytics

You should be able to measure the performance of the digital signage software you choose. To do so, it should let you gather different types of data that tell you how the software is performing. You should be able to collect clicks, impressions, dwell times, and comments. 

The software should also give you per-message insights such as reads and reactions. All this data can help you understand how your employees engage with and react to the different types of content you send them.

You can then tweak the messaging to make it more effective and optimize employee engagement.

Different Content Delivery Options

As mentioned above, digital signage software can come with networking capabilities to allow you to control it, the content, and different displays no matter where you are. This content delivery option should be paired with remote control playback, content scheduling and per-device management. The last feature can help you see if specific devices are on and the content that is playing on them if they are.

The software should also allow local storage playback. Businesses should be able to play media contained on a computer, hard drive or USB drive in case of an issue with the network. The best software comes with a content player that can run on a computer or on the display itself in the case of a TV to enable this functionality.

Template Availability

Crafting engaging templates and content can be incredibly time-consuming, especially for businesses that have never done it. However, this does not have to be the case because signage software from the best developers comes with excellent templates you can customize and start using in a few minutes.

Check whether there are templates for diverse types of content, including photo collages, informational content, video showcases and more. Also, ensure these templates have a consistent look and feel because they will represent your business once they are live on the displays.

Digital signage software allows businesses to showcase content on different displays easily. They make reaching specific groups easier, can improve marketing outcomes, lead to more engaging employees, and help businesses pass critical messages faster. When choosing one, keep in mind your needs and requirements to ensure it does exactly what you need. It would be beneficial if it had other features that you might not have considered but would help your business.



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