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Did social media just introduce a new ‘Meme-dium’ for marketing?

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When we look at the marketing schemes, it requires many efforts like recording a video, having a professional photo shoot of the brand, and many others. The business growth strategies are developing with the industries. Now when gadgets have evolved so much with time their participation has increased too. Social media has taken over most of the platforms. The social media now plays an important role in covering the audience attention. Most of the market’s target audiences are youngsters. Moreover, to connect with youngsters the best medium is social media.

By being updated and following the trends, brand marketing improves. The latest trend in marketing involves social media. You all must have heard about the meme culture. The meme culture is growing day by day and grasping a lot of attention. The brands have started using this medium to convey how their products work.

  1. Meme culture

Meme engages the audience. Memes are any random scene from a movie/series, which can be in pictorial form and as GIFs. The famous movie/series are always trending on social media so these are the perfect pick for marketing. We can pick from the already famous memes or create our own. If the meme is trending—your product attached with it will be trending too. Do not be John Snow who knows nothing. Going with the trend will increase the market attention for your product.

Meme-dium marketing

  1. What makes them so popular

The sole purpose of a meme is to entertain you. They are clever and humorous, as well as sarcastic and funny. Everybody likes funny things. So you’re spreading smiles and also marketing your product.  Memes are relatable. People can relate to the content on a large scale, which is the best part. People do not think alike, so a large crowd relating to the content is a big win. A meme can be witty too. The content is put forth in a way we would have never thought.

Meme-dium marketing

  1. Meme-Marketing

The main point of marketing is attracting as many as the audience you can. Attracting people through social media is not an easy task. Social media is used for entertainment and fun; thus, if we place the advertising there, people would just ignore them. Today, no one is interested in the old lame commercials, the people just scroll past them. 

Marketing needs to be more subtle and entertaining. This is why most of the big companies have started using memes as a way of advertising. When done correctly, meme-marketing can help you grow the success rate. As the market consists of a larger chunk of young minds, it is beneficial to attract them towards the product and memes will do that task for the brand. Instagram and Twitter are always flooded with trendy memes. 

This meme content can help you advertise your product and be more popular. The strategy has worked well for many companies. Memes require the least effort but deliver the best content. All you need is to place your brand somewhere in the meme and done!

Meme marketing

  1. How meme marketing works

For instance, would you prefer a hilarious meme about Starbucks coffee or read a big blog about how they make coffee? This is where meme-marketing works. People share the hilarious meme on their personal pages and more people know about the brand now. The audience picks entertainment over information. In other words, people will do the marketing for you (if the meme is entertaining enough). 

Heinz is a perfect example to understand the strategy. The company used the long old debate about tomato being a fruit or vegetable. They created an original meme, which made them reach more audiences. In simpler words, if the meme is viral, your brand is too. Many other popular brands are using this marketing strategy such as McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. Not just the food industry, meme have the scope in many other industries be it beauty products, medicines or even a publishing firm. The main goal is to promote the brand. 

Meme-dium marketing

  1. Wait-Think-Proceed 

Don’t just jump in the trend because it’s popular; first, consider a few things like—
“Do memes connect with your target audience?” Memes are mostly targeted towards millennials because of the casual approach. It all depends on how you deliver the content. If it is engaging enough, more people will be attracted to it.  In addition, the voice and tone of the brand should match the meme content.  

To summarize, if the content is creative, people appreciate it and remember it. Make use of Twitter and Instagram as they are the best sources to find the memes, and to look at examples that used meme as a marketing strategy. Take advantage of the platform the audience has created for you. Search for the trending meme, start meme-marketing and show off your humorous skills.

Meme-dium marketing

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