Despite Increased in the Expenditure US Ranks Last Among the 11 Richest Countries in Healthcare

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Key Highlights:

  • US healthcare spending on its gross domestic product is 17%.
  • Unlike the other countries, the US does not offer universal healthcare coverage.
  • Health statistics suggest that the worst health care system in the United States.

Confronting Severe Difficulties

According to a new assessment by the Commonwealth Fund, the United States ultimately ranked health services systems in the 11 wealthiest countries in the world even though its GDP is spent the greatest percentage on health care. The country faces serious challenges in the accessibility and equity affordability of healthcare. And it is the country with the most administrative impediments in healthcare management. This figure remains “far above” the other ten countries, despite the 17% US spending on healthcare on its gross domestic product.

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK were the other countries evaluated in this analysis. This classification is occupying on 71 metrics in five regions: access to treatment, healthcare processes, administrative efficiency, equity, and healthcare outcomes.

The research highlights that the US does not provide universal health care coverage, unlike the other countries. Americans experience trouble in paying medical charges and are more likely to be denied their insurance. A greater number of Americans claim that they spend much on medical bill paperwork. And the doctors say that because of restrictive health coverage, they find it harder to prescribe medications for patients.

Statistics Indicating the Reality

Americans also manage to maintain unpredictable access to care, with more American adults coming to the non-emergency room. Physicians from the leading countries are generally available via telephone or at night and on weekends. The United States also has the greatest difference in care between income levels.

“In America, we have nearly two healthcare systems: one for people with resources and insurances, and another one for people without insurance coverage,” states lead author Eric Schneider and senior vice-president of policy and research of the Commonwealth Fund. The one area in which the US worked well is the care procedure, where Americans are more likely to obtain screens. Moreover, flu shots for mammography and to discuss nutrition, smoking, and alcohol with their doctor.

Health stats show the fact that the worst system of health care abides listed in the US. With the greatest mortality rates of infants, mothers, and preventable. In addition, the country has less assistance for early childhood education. And support mechanisms like job protection for workers, which leads to poor health outcomes. Schneider added that the similarly inadequate health system of the country made it difficult for the USA to deal with the outbreak in COVID-19.

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