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5 Ways a Dashcam Can Be Helpful in an Auto Accident

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Technology is an integral part of society and is helping solve problems that have remained dominant for years. The driving world is no exception regarding technological advancements, and a good example is the use of dashcams. It is no longer a trend but a reality among motorists due to its key benefits in enhancing road safety and integrity. Here are five crucial benefits of having a dashcam in the event of an accident:

Relieving Insurance Claims Process

Following an accident, you must inform the insurance company and proceed with the claim filing process. This requires perfection, as any mishap in the information can lead to a partial or total denial of the claims. The dashcam’s footage becomes the ultimate solution by highlighting the details of the unfortunate event.

This footage protects you as a driver against unfair penalties by the Moses Lake, WA, insurer. It contributes to the total compensation for all the damages incurred from the accident. A competent Moses Lake car accident lawyer will also guide you on avoiding traps laid by insurance companies to lower the compensation. This includes luring you into side offers that are inviting but often have lower financial gains in the end.

Providing Concrete Evidence

After an accident, there may be too many versions of what led to it due to the trauma and emotions involved; your memory may even be muddled. With a dashcam, you’ll have an unbiased eyewitness visualization of everything that transpired before the collision.

This saves both sides from the back-and-forth of the he-said-she-said scenario through the clear-cut proof of the event. It also means that the fault-determination process will be short and unanimous, which matters in legal actions where time is precious.

Positioning the camera strategically for a perfect view of the surroundings and the car’s interior is paramount. The scope of view mostly depends on the type and model of camera you invest in. Upgrading to the latest versions, such as Nexar Pro, Nextbase iQ Smart Dash Cam, and Vantrue E1, may be prudent for better coverage.

Assisting Law Enforcement Investigations

After an injury-causing accident, the relevant authorities, such as the law enforcement teams, conduct a thorough investigation to determine what caused the carnage. One crucial resource that they benefit from is the dashcam, which provides a perfect reconstruction of moments before the unfortunate incident.

This helps them determine what caused the accident. Contributing factors could include a lack of road signs, poor road conditions, overspeeding, or driver distractions. In a hit-and-run incident, the camera will clearly record all the physical attributes of the vehicle, including its plate number.

Promoting Safe Driving Habits

Apart from pointing out the causes of accidents, these gadgets can make drivers more cautious with all their actions. The thought of all your actions being recorded reminds you to stick to the best practices as a road user, thereby increasing your travel safety. As a fleet manager, for instance, you’ll see a sharp decline in driver misconduct since installing the devices.

These cameras are also your go-to option whenever you want to self-reflect on your driving skills. Looking at the footage lets you quickly tell what you need to improve and how to boost your strengths. While such a proactive measure helps you at the individual level, it also contributes to enhancing road safety.

It would be best to keep checking the camera’s condition, and make the necessary corrective repairs when necessary. You can combine such maintenance work with your routine auto checks, during which the mechanic will comprehensively check the gadget and the wiring system.

Preventing Fraudulent Claims

Unfortunately, sometimes opportunistic individuals use the collision chaos to inflate things more than they are. This can be done through the fabricating and exaggerating bodily harm and vehicle damage to increase the weight of the lawsuit and get a higher insurance settlement. A dashcam will come to your rescue by discouraging such deceitful efforts.

Since all the recordings are in real-time, there is a slim chance of manipulating the files. However, it’s still your duty to keep the evidence intact, so consider keeping different copies on different devices just to be safe. Be sure to send it to your lawyer for better preservation and further evaluation.


The use of dashcams in vehicles is game-changing in many ways. For instance, after a collision, it will provide the undeniable truth of what happened and give rise to the accident. This evidence comes in handy in the later legal stages, such as the court process and claim filing.

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