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10 Most Prominent Leaders in Cloud Computing

Damian Crotty: Bringing New Dimensions To Cloud Computing Era Through CloudFX

The true secret to success for any entrepreneur is how individuals manage themselves through their journey. Often, examples of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are given when people mention influential business icons. However, there are numerous entrepreneurs who remain unsuccessful, despite being very talented with great ideas that could quite literally change the world. For Damian Crotty, Founder and CEO of CloudFX, the entire journey of founding and managing his company has been the single most difficult thing that he ever did in his life. Besides being challenged at every possible nook and corner, Damian still does not wish to change a thing about it. Sharing his values and dedications towards CloudFX, Damian asserts, “I’ve committed to understanding the technology segment we are focused on in detail through a maniacal commitment to research and reading, and spend as much time as possible, with customers and partners to ensure that I am constantly abreast with the variety of dynamics at play in our industry........

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