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Joint venture looks to the future of middle-market senior living

Covia Group and the Ziegler Link•age Funds publicized their joint investment in Minka Homes and Communities. This strategic investment aims to support the development of a ground-breaking model for middle-market senior housing. The investment for merging best practices in universal and sustainable design with leading-edge smart-home technology will create affordable homes and communities people to live their best lives, regardless of age or ability.

Beyond bricks and mortar

Given the impact of COVID-19 on older adults across United States, the joint venture understands the urgent need of building affordable homes and communities that foster resilience. Minka homes and communities leverage insights into the structure and function of personal independence for older people with innovations in architecture, technology, product design, and community development.

“We can map a new path forward with beautifully designed, digitally connected, compact housing that centers wellness and human connection”, said CEO Ana Pinto da Silva.

The first Minka homes will be built on Covia’s Spring Lake Village community campus in Santa Rosa. Covia anticipates construction to take place in early 2021. This joint approach allows both to learn together, developing a proof of concept that helps them refine our understanding of cost, scalability, and performance in line with Covia’s core mission to provide outstanding options for people wherever they choose to call home.

Beyond the traditional senior living

Covia and the Ziegler Link•age Funds hope that this project will provide a solution for senior living that scales to meet the needs of the middle market, helping organizations across the country build communities that support older adults in a way that is responsive to changing needs. This project challenges to find solutions that re-define the market and can scale to meet the demand for affordable, middle-market communities nationwide.

“We don’t just want shelter. We want community,” says Mary McMullin, Covia’s Chief Strategy and Advancement Officer. “Minka’s approach was the first one that spoke to us. Their design approach allows people to live the way they want to live.”



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