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The Cost of CPD Accreditation Proves its Value As UK Job Market Opportunities Increase

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment market has undergone significant adjustments. According to a 2021 employment market research, 1.72 million people were without employment in the UK by the end of December 2020. This figure is up 1.2% from the previous September. 

A range of new and traditional work possibilities have grown popular in order to fulfill the changing demands of clients. These changes have pushed people to seek opportunities for improving their chances of finding work with the market at its most competitive. Professionals seeking to shift careers and apply for in-demand positions have also increased. 

As a result, with the investment towards the CPD accreditation cost, job-seekers want to obtain professional upskilling training. The training allows them to enhance their abilities over time and remain competitive for UK job market positions.

The UK Job Market of Today

Regardless of how you look at it, the employment environment is rapidly changing. Over the previous decade, technological advancements may have eliminated several job tasks. Still, they’ve created a host of new ones, many of which have seen explosive growth in terms of median base pay, making them an enticing possibility for people with the proper skill set seeking a new challenge.

Accompanying these new roles are the more traditional ones that are still relevant in today’s society. A lot of them are more relevant than ever as the world we live in gets increasingly complex.

Child Care and Tutorship

For most of 2020, schools have been closed regularly, leaving many parents with the difficult task of caring for their children while simultaneously working. In the UK, a third of local authorities have reduced free childcare vacancies, which has meant that children in their early years are denied free child care. Following this, private childcare providers have experienced a spike in recruiting, with nannies accounting for 1.79% of available positions.

Jobs as a private tutor are also on the rise, accounting for 1.48% of all listed job openings on Glassdoor UK. Parents are now turning to these private instructors to make up for the lack of school learning.

Data Science

Data science is among the most in-demand occupations worldwide, with the need for data scientists increasing over the last ten years and continuing to grow in the UK.

From technology to healthcare, banking to manufacturing, there isn’t a profession that doesn’t require some degree of this skill. With more companies investing in technology that collects consumer data than ever before, there is an obvious demand for specialists to help them analyze it. The good news is that average earnings have been rising in tandem with demand and continue to do so.


Workplace culture has become a major problem for some of the world’s most successful companies in recent years. They are more aware than ever of the need to create pleasant, diverse, and inclusive work environments.

Many polls report that over half of UK workers have experienced prejudice because of their age, race, gender, or LGBTQ+ identification during their employment. Larger firms are leading the way by investing in the tools and services needed to foster a more inclusive workplace. Investing in CPD-certified courses in these disciplines might help you go a step ahead of the competition.


While commercial development was halted during the pandemic, the tiered lockdown and the UK government’s reduction in stamp tax allowed house builders in the UK the motivation to move through with projects. Construction jobs were mostly self-employed, with 31% of those hired having a master’s degree or more.

Social Media and Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing reps account for 1.97% of all vacant positions, while marketing managers account for 2%. With internet usage rising year after year, it’s no surprise that Social Media and Digital Marketing will grow by 52% in 2020.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the difficult economic circumstances, digital marketing looks to be a growing sector. About 85,000 firms have opened online storefronts since March 2020, and 75% of customers and sellers prefer online marketplaces.

Software Engineers

The pandemic pushed numerous companies to find new channels for reaching their consumers without interacting with them physically. Many businesses that are just now joining the online community need software engineers to keep up with the growing demand from their customers. While transitioning to a profession in software engineering may not be easy, completing a CPD approved course will help you better prepare for the job market.

The Way Forward

The events of 2020 have transformed the labour landscape. Several limitations on the spread of COVID-19 remain in force, and many of them significantly impact key businesses. 

A vital strategy for staying ahead of the curve is by keeping your skills up-to-date or acquiring those that will make you competitive in top-rated jobs. The cost of CPD accreditation is meagre compared to the boost it can give you in the current job market.

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