Cora the New Flying Taxi from a start-up Funded by Google's Larry Page

Cora, a New Flying Taxi from a start-up Funded by Google’s Larry Page

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Google co-founder Larry Page has introduced a flying taxi called Cora, which was secretly tested in Kitty Hawk.

This project was financed by Larry Page, Google’s co-founder, and Sebastian Thrun envisages that flying cars will be the norm within a decade. Larry Page has spent at least $100 million (£72 million) on this project since 2010.

The company had been testing that looks like a hybrid between a helicopter and a glider over the South Island of New Zealand during the last five months. The Cora aircraft is a self-flying vehicle with 12 rotor blades which allow it to take off and land vertically.

It had been almost a year since the company showed off a vehicle called Flyer, which was a much more cut-down affair that looked best, designed for some new kind of aero-aquatic sport. Cora is a different beast, looking like a small plane that is able to take off and land vertically.

Easy life for the whole world

The country’s business and innovation ministry Peter Crabtree said that they  saw Cora’s potential as a sustainable, efficient and transformative technology that can enrich people’s lives, not only in New Zealand, but ultimately in the whole world.

Companies like Airbus, Ehang and Uber are also developing flying taxis; it seems that the air above us could soon be filled with relatively quiet and emissions-free people movers of all shapes and sizes. Peoples life will become more easy and convenient in the coming world.



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