Company Giveaway And Gain New Leads

How To Promote A Company Giveaway And Gain New Leads

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In business, ‘marketing’ is a universal term that details various activities to promote your company’s products or services. One of the most well-known marketing activities is advertising, yet many activities go into a successful marketing strategy, from consumer research to search engine optimization (SEO).

While all aspects of marketing differ, they all have the same objective – promoting business growth and helping the business reach its highest potential for ROI. Providing that you have a professional marketing department, they should constantly search for new ways to promote your products or services to gain new leads.

One of the most successful marketing strategies is contests and company custom merchandise giveaways, which can help your business grow, generate new leads, and increase sales. Especially if you’re an online merchant, company giveaways or competitions are cost-effective and easy to run and, if done correctly, can provide your business with various benefits.

From a single, successful campaign, you can gain new leads, email subscribers, customers, followers, greater brand exposure, and an increase in sales; however, you cannot reap these benefits without promoting your campaign. From fast t-shirt printing to updating your website, we list several ways to promote your company giveaway below:

Update Your Website

Primarily if most of your sales stem from online, the first step you should take to promote your company giveaway is to update your website. Your website is the first place new and returning customers will check for any updates, offers, discounts, and sales – so updating your website is the obvious first step.

You can add a sidebar, notice, pop-up, tab, or page on your website with details about the upcoming giveaway, which will promote it to the traffic flowing through your site. Ensure that you include what the giveaway involves, the promotional period it will run for, how to qualify for the giveaway, and the terms and conditions surrounding it.

Alternatively, you could embed a notice about your giveaway onto all your web pages, which will alert your website traffic as soon as they click on one of your pages. Don’t forget to invest as much time and money as you can spare into creating these notices, as you want them to look cohesive with your web pages and brand.

Nothing reflects more poorly on a business than the creation of sloppily put-together notices, with 42% of consumers confessing that they’d be doubtful to purchase from  a brand with an ugly or unprofessional-looking website. This can cause consumers to wonder if the quality of your site is reflected in your products or services, even while using a giveaway as an incentive.

Don’t forget to approach popular giveaway websites, which attract hundreds of giveaway-loving people each day, to catch some new leads. Not only is this a promotion method, but it also acts as a preventative measure to minimize any potential complaints from confused customers who don’t understand what you’re offering or feel they’ve missed out.

Start A Marketing Campaign

Depending on how long your business intends to run your giveaway or what you are giving away, you may want to consider starting a marketing campaign. Planning a marketing campaign allows your business to take a broader approach to your giveaway, increasing your brand awareness and enabling you to reach new customers, generating new leads.

They help you broadcast your latest products and services while building your reputation and engaging new and returning customers – making them one of the most helpful marketing techniques businesses can take advantage of. You can use a mixture of traditional and online marketing tactics to promote your marketing campaign. Still, an alternate way of accelerating the progress is by creating branded merchandise through custom t-shirt wholesale sites.

Unlike some other forms of marketing, when you create branded merchandise such as bags, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other accessories, the items travels as far as the wearer goes. Wearers can advertise your marketing campaign while walking down the street, sitting in a coffee shop, dining at a local website, and working out at the gym, which will help your brand reach new audiences in new locations.

For more insight about cheap t-shirt printing, consider contacting t-shirt printing shops like Bolt Printing to get an estimated idea of costs and the type of merchandise you could use in your marketing campaign. From t-shirts, children’s shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and other accessories, Bolt Printing offers a range of products that can be printed or embroidered for businesses specializing in all sectors. Consider visiting their website today to learn more and see how their high-quality, speedy printing services can help promote your campaign today.

Partner With Popular Influencers

Another way that you can promote your company giveaway is through influencer marketing. Although not a new form of marketing, influencer marketing has become increasingly popular over the past several years.

Through social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, an influencer is an individual with a large following that gives them the ability to influence potential buyers to invest in a product or service they promote through these platforms. Brands can reach out to influencers for partnership opportunities, providing that they have a large following and produce content for a niche audience that is relevant to their brand.

With the combined efforts of your business following and the influencers following, your brand can reach a demographic beyond your target audience, and you’ll have a much better chance of your products or services reaching others.

However, just because you’re partnering with a prominent public figure doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get the results you want. Instead of looking at numbers, the most crucial matter is that the influencer you partner with shares your target audience. For instance, if your business retails feminine hygiene products, the last thing you want to do is a partnership with an influencer with a predominantly male following.

Use Branded Hashtags

In the digital age of social media, hashtags are everywhere. So that internet users can sort through and identify hashtags that are relevant to their content and interests, it’s essential that they are branded – the same applies to businesses looking to gain new leads. Not only can branded hashtags help attract customers to your brand, but they also help with search engine optimization (SEO).

You could decide to use your brand’s slogan as a hashtag or create a brand new, catchier one for the purpose of your giveaway. Alternatively, it could be your brand or products name, the name of the giveaway, or any other keyword that is relevant to your business.

In addition to helping new and returning customers find your products, using branded hashtags makes it easier for your business to track how many people are using them and how many times they have been used. If you want to know the best ways to use hashtags, you can find various websites and internet guides that can help you determine which hashtags will give you the best results.

Use Sponsored Advertisements

You can take the promotion of your giveaway even further by advertising on social media platforms using sponsored ads. Depending on how long your campaign will last, you may even want to consider using Google ads to increase your chances of reaching new leads. However, for this to be successful, it’s vital that you have a good understanding of your target audience so that you ensure the right people view your sponsored ads.

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