Contact Lens Maintenance 101: Best Practices for Clean and Clear Vision

How often should you clean colored contacts?

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Colored contact lenses, women often use them, this article will take us in-depth understanding of colored contact lenses related knowledge.

How often should you clean colored contact lenses?

Reusable color contact lenses should be washed after each use and rinsed before each use. You should also clean your contact lens case every day and replace it every three months.

How to care for colored contact lenses?

Make sure you wash your hands correctly every time

The time to handle contact lenses, especially putting them in the frame before putting them in or after using them.

Clean lenses with lens solution, not tap water

Also, be sure to clean at night, not in the morning.

Put the lens in the proper holder

Filled with fresh solution. Remember to change the solution in the lens holder every night! Also, make sure to replace the lens mount every three months.

After removing the contact

Allow the lens holder to dry completely before closing the lid. This reduces the chance of bacteria growing in the box.

Place the lens in the frame correctly

It’s best not to change your contact lenses, so choose one that fits you and place it on the right side of the container. This will reduce the chance of eye infection.


How do you keep colored contacts clean?

Wash and dry your hands. …

Fill your clean contact lens case with fresh disinfecting solution. …

Rub the first contact lens with disinfecting solution. …

Rinse your contact lens with more solution. …

Place the contact lens into the storage case and close its chamber. …

Repeat with the remaining lens.

Can colored contacts go bad?

Yes, all contact lenses have an expiration date, usually between one and four years from the date of manufacture. It’s important not to use expired contacts, even if the package has never been opened.

When should you throw out colored contacts?

Daily Disposable Colored Contacts – Shall be changed every day. New day new pair. Aquarella One-Day for example. Monthly – Usually a pair of these lenses can be worn for 1 month.

How many years can you wear contact lenses?

A new lens will last about three years before it expires. You should never wear a lens that has expired. Provided that you care for them properly, contacts you’ve opened should last a day, two weeks, or a month, depending on the manufacturer’s suggested wear time.

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