Cloud service provider Stratoscale acquires Tesora, a database-as-a-service vendor

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Stratoscale acquires Tesora to bolster its hybrid cloud database capability. Stratoscale is planning Tesora’s database as a service to its Symphony roll-your-own-AWS-region tool. Stratoscale, a Cloud service provider has snapped up database-as-a-service vendor Tesora to beef up its hybrid cloud offering.

Stratoscale’s key product, Symphony, which is built on OpenStack and let the businesses set up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) “region” in their own data center, it helps them easily move workloads between private and public cloud servers or scale up capacity without having to migrate to a different service.

The database as a service of Tesora is also built on OpenStack, which runs in public, private or hybrid clouds. Stratoscale has plans to use this function of Tesora to expand its existing managed database support, which includes AWS Relational Database Service and the AWS NoSQL database, DynamoDB. Tesora is expected to bring Stratoscale self-service provisioning capabilities for Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Couchbase, Cassandra, Redis, DataStax Enterprise, Persona, and DB2 Express databases.

Just recently Stratoscale released version 3 of Symphony, introducing compatibility with Amazon’s S3 object storage service, Kubernetes-as-a-service containerization, and the ability to freely migrate AWS EC2, EBS, S3, and VPC workloads between public and private cloud infrastructure.

Tesora has long pitched its database as a service, which can run as easily in public or private clouds as better than the AWS database offerings OpenStack underpinnings. But now, Stratoscale’s introduction of the AWS region capability to Symphony 3 took the advantage.



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