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Cisco DNA Center introduces intent-based network to the Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT with Cisco DNA Center

Cisco has presented Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled hardware that companies can manage through Cisco DNA Center. In a network, products lead intent-based networking to IoT deployments. The companies which use Cisco DNA Center can take on the intent-based networking software for managing IoT devices connected to the network edge.

Cisco support for a new line of ruggedized industrial switches, called the Catalyst IE 3×00 Series, and an industrial router, called the Integrated Services Router (ISR) IR1101 which made DNA Center a progressively noteworthy player in the organization’s IoT portfolio. Both have includes uniquely intended to help systems of IoT gadgets.

Intent-based networking to the IoT edge

Intent-based networking performs a basic change in such way that the networks are well made and managed. Instead, of using manual and time-intensive methods to manage these networks traditionally, the modern networks capture business intent and translate it into network policy. The last few years, customers have been grasping this new way of networking across the globe.

The new IoT gadgets run Cisco’s IOS XE network operating system, which is a main part of Cisco’s rising intent-based networking (IBN) portfolio. IBN is a developing area of technology that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate administrative tasks across a network. The three important benefits of intent-based networking are:

Reduced deployment time

IT teams can now apply their expertise with familiar tools like Cisco DNA Center to scale in an automated, uncomplicated way. Complex deployments can be completed with-in hours or even minutes which previously used to take months to complete.  

Easy Access to new technology without changing infrastructure

In many situations, the price and effort of replacing IoT infrastructure can be expensive. A portable design means Cisco platforms are flexible and future-proofed. So, customers can easily change to new technologies, like 5G, without replacing the networking infrastructure. The Cisco Industrial Routers are the industry’s first and only 5G-ready IPv6 deployable industrial routers.

Fully integrated security solution

Cisco trust in a multi-layered security way, where security in built into every layer of the IoT stack, from the networking hardware to the operating software and the edge computing apps. Cisco is distinctly positioned to provide a fully integrated security solution without gaps in coverage.



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