Cerealphoria: Providing Cool Experiences and Creating Sweet Memories with an Unique Food Franchise Concept


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Today, franchising is one of the most dominant and successful business expansion strategies used across the world. Unlike traditional organic expansion – where companies would invest in and open multiple locations themselves, franchising allows companies to recruit partners that will invest their capital, time, and managerial effort in establishing new locations. Franchising provides businesses with numerous benefits such as lower capital investment, rapid growth, increased brand awareness, increased revenue, minimized risk, etc.

Out of many industries, franchising in the food industry is one of the most popular franchising opportunities in the market. Making the most of these opportunities, Cerealphoria is a unique and innovative cereal + shake bar franchise concept that specializes in combining cereal and ice cream into vibrant and delicious creations. The Phoenix, AZ-based franchise is well-known for offering amazing breakfast and dessert creations.

Cerealphoria’s roots data back to 2018, when established restaurateurs –Ernesto Peralta and Amy Peralta began designing a restaurant concept within the niche industry of breakfast cereal bars. Leveraging their 25 years of combined experience in the industry, the duo decided to launch Cerealphoria. Since its inception, the company has been on a mission to improve everyone’s day, by adding value to each encounter, providing cool experiences, and creating sweet memories. Cerealphoria envisions being the largest and most influential sweet franchise in the world.

An Expansive and Mouth-watering Menu

Cerealphoria strives to provide its customers with an exciting experience through an innovative menu that incorporates cereals. Being the only cereal bar in Phoenix, it offers fun treats such as milkshakes, parfaits, and sundaes – all created with a common element – cereal. Its expansive menu boasts over 25 different kinds of cereals, from classic brands like Frosted Flakes to newer cereals like Llama Loops. Customers can try unlimited combinations according to their choice as well. Moreover, the company also offers 10 different kinds of milk. Its treats are suited for customers that are vegan, gluten-free or even those who are just watching their calories.

Ernesto believes that the American mentality is very entrepreneurial compared to the other parts of the world. People in America are more on the go and looking for value, efficiency, and even beauty in their products due to the social media reach. “People love to show where they go, and what to get and our products are very vibrant and Instagrammable,” he adds. In just one year, the exponentially growing demand for more Cerealphoria locations led Ernesto and Amy to franchise their concept to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to operate the cereal and shake bar under its brand.

Bolstering the Franchisees

Cerealphoria’s franchise opportunity provides companies with a streamlined buildout assisted by a franchise support team – which helps franchisees, ensure long term success. The company also provides advantages such as affordable initial investment and low overhead to help franchisees. Moreover, since all of Cerealphoria’s menu items are aesthetically pleasing, franchisees can benefit from the extra marketing driven by social media users sharing photos of its vibrant treats. The company empowers its franchisees by providing benefits such as,

  • Flexible Investments: Cerealphoria offers a variety of franchise options with varying price points. Franchisees can choose from a store-front location, mall or airport kiosk, food trailer/truck, or the combination of all three.
  • Franchise Training: The company brings its franchisees up to speed through a comprehensive training program to make ensure long-term success in operating the franchise. The multi-purpose training combines classroom training at Cerealphoria’s flagship location and hand-on training at the new franchise location.
  • Streamlined Buildout: Cerealphoria’s franchise support team assists franchisees through every phase of franchise development to ensure long-term success and rapid growth in the initial stage.

Simplicity, Affordability, and Efficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruptions and made businesses rethink their strategies. While numerous companies struggled to cope with the crisis, Cerealphoria managed to thrive – as it has been designed to be easily duplicable and COVID-proof being ideal in outdoor and shared spaces as well as malls, airports, student unions, and hospitals. Moreover, as the company offers four options including a food trailer, food truck, kiosk, and brick and mortar location, it swiftly adapted to the pandemic restrictions as well.  It is also an ideal candidate for shared kitchen concepts that are rapidly emerging around the country.

Cerealphoria believes that it has an amazing opportunity to gain ground in the dessert and breakfast segments – two of the fastest-growing restaurant and mobile concept areas. Due to its simplicity, affordability, and efficiency, the company anticipates exponential growth in the years to come. It aims to focus on smaller footprints including shared spaces, mobile concepts, and grab-and-go windows while providing excellent service by adding value to peoples’ lives through each customer interaction. “We have learned you must be fast and efficient and provide a delicious, fun, and unique product in a safe environment with superior customer focus,” says Ernesto.

Supporting Partners, Connecting People

Ernesto asserts that people should seek franchisors with similar goals and similar values as they are expected to enter into a long-term relationship. He further adds that franchisors also need to be approachable, flexible, open-minded, and helpful toward their franchisees at every step.

He believes that Cerealphoria is an ideal franchisor as its team coaches and supports the franchisees at every step from site selection, hiring, training, and advertising, to attending their grand openings. Alongside the selection of the franchisor, success of a franchise also depends on the leader. Ernesto believes that excellent people skills and the ability to build strong relationships are prominent qualities that a successful entrepreneur must possess.


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