CENIC’s 400G Superchannel will be Deployed by Regional Research and Education Network

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It will fulfill the modern networking demand

CENIC was responsible for building a 400 Gbps single carrier optical circuit between Los Angeles and Riverdale in California. It is one of the first-ever 400G super-channels to be operationalized by US regional research and education network. The upgrading of nodes in LA, Tustin, Oceanside, San Diego, Escondido, Suncity, and Riverside now got 400G facilities.

The advances super-channel make it possible for CENIC to fulfill the modern networking demand while keeping in mind the future contingencies that might arrive. Californa Research and Education Network of CENIC support students, educators, researchers and several different people at institutions. CalREN has more than 8,000 miles of fiber optic cable and avails its services to 20 million users approximately.

The facility will provide advanced capabilities to researchers

The research is done on the subject such as astronomy, genomics, climatology, seismology and other scientific areas use this improved technology in various universities of California. The researchers from these universities need huge big-data workflow, including collection, transfer, processing and storage of massive data sets as they work together with people from different corners of the planet.

Every year the traffic on CENIC’s network grows exponentially, the company moved an Exabyte of data from May 2018-19. Louis Fox, The President and CEO of CENIC said, “This is an important networking milestone for CENIC. With increasing demands for 100G services among our community, from research scientists working with big data sets to educators leveraging technology to transform the classroom, network capacity should not limit the work or ambitions of our researchers, teachers, or students.”

The advanced 400G facility will provide significant advantage while dealing with increased and urgent need of cyber-infrastructure as the capabilities exascale by using supercomputers. CENIC is planning to enhance its 400G capabilituies of coastal fiber path form LA to Sunnyvale by 2020.



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