consider in 2022 before choosing a virtual classroom platform
Key factors to consider in 2022 before choosing a virtual classroom platform
In the recent decade, the globe witnessed the introduction of networked computers, the web, social media, data analysis, and cloud computing. All of these new ...
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1Win Bet App
1Win Bet App – Download Apk | Review for India | Android and iOS
Use the 1Win bet app for iOS and Android and dive into the world of gambling! Bookmaker guarantees fair play and big winnings. Legal business ...
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Web 3.0 Is Coming
Web 3.0 Is Coming: All Businesses Need to Prepare
Web 3.0, the so-called third generation of the internet, is arguably the most prevalent buzzword in technology at the moment. It’s a broad term, open ...
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Use NFTs To Grow and Fund Your Business
In recent years, the world of business has changed dramatically. With the rise of blockchain technology and the advent of decentralized applications, businesses have new ...
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Cobalt 27 VLTs
IGT is pleased to announce that its new Cobalt 27 VLTs will be introduced in Canada
International Game Technology (IGT), the global gaming leader, is pleased to announce that its new Cobalt 27 VLTs will be introduced in Canada. The company ...
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Google Maps Scraper
Everything You Need To Know About Google Maps Scraper
Isn’t Google the world’s godfather – in the case of obtaining information or knowledge and finding solutions to problems? The only critical part is scraping ...
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Departure of Internet Explorer
Departure of Internet Explorer: A Golden Opportunity of Edge?
Most of us learned how to use the internet in school using Internet Explorer (IE). For many children growing up, ‌having access to the internet ...
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Work Gear
Be a DIY Pro With This List of Work Gear
With warmer weather finally here, it’s time to dust off all the DIY projects we have been putting on the backburner. Whether you are an ...
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Google Meet combines Duo
Google combines Meet and Duo: Does it make things Easier or Complicated?
Google recently announced to integrate its two video calling apps, Duo and Meet, into one platform. The tech giant has promised to incorporate all of ...
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ASL Alphabet Lens
Snapchat ASL Alphabet Lens: Another Feather to ‘Social Media Inclusivity’ Cap?
Social media is here to stay, evolve and grow. During the past few years, social media has proven highly beneficial for users and brands worldwide ...
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Is OTT Dependency Costing Us Too Much?
The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly changed the way people watched television. In the pre-pandemic era, people went to the movies, bought tickets, and spent big on ...
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How RFID Tags Can Improve Business Processes
A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag is the next generation of barcodes with higher storage capacity and longer detection range. Various types of RFID tags ...
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