Facebook, the social media giant pushes augmented reality game inspired by Pokemon Go
Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook stated, while speaking at F8 that the company is trying to seize on the technology, i.e. Augmented Reality, a mix of ...
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All eyes set on a new blockchain alliance which includes JPMorgan, Microsoft, Intel
All eyes are set on the new blockchain alliance which includes JPMorgan, Microsoft, Intel and other nearly dozen companies. All these companies are teamed up ...
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Introduction of new mobile networks, which will help remote driving
In an industry conference in Barcelona,  two major telecoms companies admitted that a new world of remote-controlled cars is now technically possible using wireless technologies ...
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JLL Hitachi
JLL and Hitachi to help organisations efficiently use their real estate via IoT
Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Hitachi Ltd, and Hitachi Asia Ltd have announced that they will be conducting collaborative studies to enhance JLL’s real estate services ...
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Industrial Robot Deployments Grow as Manufacturers Adopt Enriched Connectivity Technologies in Factories
Driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the global market for robotics in manufacturing is steadily gathering pace. Since the industrial cloud is in ...
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Now build IoT-Connected Devices with Google’s New Android Operating System
Google has introduced a new Android operating system for building IoT-connected devices. This new Android Things developer platform combines multiple layers of Android and Google ...
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Cassia Networks Introduces Latest IoT Enterprise Product Line
Cassia Networks, the Bluetooth Specialist launches its latest set of Internet of Things products for enterprise applications. This new line of IoT products includes enterprise-level ...
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US communications agency plans cybersecurity boost to protect Internet of Things
A US communications regulator is aiming to beef up cybersecurity for smart devices and to make it more difficult for hackers to get access to ...
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LG brings artificial intelligence and IoT into living rooms
Company launches 2.57mm OLED wallpaper TV, smart fridge and range of robots. LG Electronics has raised its antenna in the artificial intelligence and internet of ...
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