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IGT is pleased to announce that its new Cobalt 27 VLTs will be introduced in Canada

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International Game Technology (IGT), the global gaming leader, is pleased to announce that its new Cobalt 27 VLTs will be introduced in Canada. The company stated during the electrifying announcement that it will deliver 960 video lottery terminals to Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL).

The news is noteworthy because they will be the first units of the novel and cutting-edge technology to be installed in Canada. Latin America, Europe, and the United States have all embraced the technology.

According to David Flinn, IGT’s Senior Vice President for South and Central America, Canada, and Latin America, the company hopes to build the technology’s success in Manitoba on the observed high performance in these regions.

According to a senior IGT official, the units scheduled for delivery in Manitoba will include market-oriented content. It will include a number of standout market performers, such as Temple of Fire Cash Eruption, which has been specially designed for video lottery terminal operators such as Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation. The advancements will help MBLL’s plans to modernize its video lottery terminal gaming using cutting-edge hardware and entertain players with appealing themes.

MLLC is equally interested in the success of the relatively new gaming technology in Manitoba. It is excited to collaborate with IGT to bring these exciting new machines to its casinos.

Enter the Cobalt 27 VLTs

The Cobalt 27 VLTs are the most recent generation of gaming machines, with a focus on player comfort and entertainment. The IGT technology is expertly designed to meet the needs of the operator. It has two 27-inch HD screens, a 24-inch topper, a fixed five-button player panel, and integrated cabinet lighting. It is also ergonomically designed and has a built-in USB charging port, all of which contribute to increased user comfort and convenience.

The new VLTs coming to Manitoba will feature best-in-class IGT content. Double Double Bonus Poker™, Power Keno™, Five Times Pay™, Cash Eruption®, Temple of Fire™, and Double Double Bonus Poker™ are among the games included.

The technology will also provide players with The Wild Life Extreme™ exceptional gaming experience. The new IGT brand-extension themes are fantastic for expanding on the well-known IGT original game dubbed The Wild Life™.

The Cobalt 27 VLTs are sure to be a big hit with Canadian players, thanks to their sleek, stylish designs and a variety of innovative features.

IGT and Its Gaming Technologies

International Game Technology (IGT) is a leading gaming company in the world. The company is well-known for producing high-quality gaming products and services and providing enjoyable gaming experiences to players all over the world. The company has been producing and delivering lotteries, gaming machines, online casino games, sports betting, and digital content since its inception.

IGT takes pride in leveraging a large pool of entertaining games, significant investment in innovation, player contributions, operational agility, and cutting-edge technology. The company develops solutions that provide a first-rate gaming experience, keep players entertained, and allow for growth. These unrivaled technologies and solutions include the new Cobalt 27 VLTs.

International Game Technology has developed positive relationships with local governments and regulators over time. Because of its success in establishing positive relationships with government officials, it has expanded its presence to over 100 countries worldwide. The company also has a strong track record of creating value by upholding high standards in service delivery, integrity, and accountability.

Because of its activities and size, the company has achieved global status and recognition. The company currently employs over 10,500 people, all of whom align their activities with the company’s goals and plans. In 2021, the software and gaming specialist earned a record-breaking $902 million in full-year revenue. The company generated more than $1 billion in cash from operations and $770 million in free cash flow in the same year.

IGT is well-known for its strategic thinking and exceptional leadership. Its growth over the years has been the result of well-planned and executed strategies. In the same spirit, the company acquired another company one year ahead of schedule. It achieved outstanding success by reducing its net debt by $1.4 billion, bringing it to its lowest level ever.

Wrap Up

Cobalt 27 VLTs will make their Canadian debut this year thanks to a partnership between International Game Technology (IGT) and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL). The exceptional gaming technologies are expected to improve the gaming experience for Canadians. Given the technology’s ease of use and IGT’s success in popularizing it in other countries, we can expect widespread acclaim in Manitoba. This is exciting news for avid gamers in the region and there is much more for gamers to look forward to in the future.


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