Igor Finogenov
Igor Finogenov: Expert in Economic Integration at Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) and the President of Kazakhstan’s Council of Foreign Investors
Finogenov Igor has built a notable career in the banking and finance industry, marked by key leadership roles and significant project developments. His professional journey ...
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extracurricular activities
Finding balance: Juggling online classes and extracurricular activities!
As much as studies are necessary, extracurricular activities also hold a significant place in a student’s life; they make their personality and build a character ...
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What is the SWOT analysis
What is the SWOT analysis and why is it so important?
There’s so much to think about when it comes to running your own business. Keeping customers happy whilst balancing the books can sometimes feel like ...
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Ghostwriting Services USA
How Ghostwriting Services USA Can Help You Author a Legacy
Among the many occupations in the literary field, ghostwriting is one special and little-known but vital function in realizing dreams. An invisible hand is frequently ...
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Effective Business Communication Solutions
4 Effective Business Communication Solutions for Streamlined Operations
In a time where business efficiency and clarity are key, simplifying operations with effective business communication solutions is a must. This is for companies aiming ...
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Write a First-Class Law Essay
10 Key Tips to Write a First-Class Law Essay
Writing law essays is much more complicated than working on regular academic papers due to the specificity of terms you should know to create high-quality ...
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Beef Cattle Farming
How to Start Beef Cattle Farming
You can’t just start a beef cattle farm on a whim. Owning cattle is not a part-time job, and you can’t simply take a day ...
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Amazon PPC Campaigns
How to Set Up Amazon PPC Campaigns? Pro Tips and Mistakes to Avoid
Amazon accounts for a significant portion of online retail sales in e-commerce. For sellers looking to maximise their visibility, mastering Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns is ...
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Trying to Protect Students
How Schools Are Trying to Protect Students
From bullying to high-profile school shootings to gang violence, school administrators must take proactive steps to protect their students from harm. Even natural disasters threaten ...
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Effective Speech
Speak to Succeed: Maximizing Academic Achievement Through Effective Speech
Having strong communication skills is a key to academic achievements, and these skills are the foundation for any kind of interaction in the academic environment. ...
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Successful Dental Practice
Building a Successful Dental Practice: Key Strategies for Growth
Running a flourishing dental practice requires a combination of expert dental skills and effective business strategies. Dental professionals who aspire to grow their practice must ...
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Procurement Training Strategy
Building a Robust Procurement Training Strategy: Essential Steps and Considerations
A successful procurement training program must include essential components such as assessing internal needs and utilizing data gathered during the search process to create a ...
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