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Intrinsic Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Power Your Business

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“Monetary rewards are not a substitute for intrinsic motivation.” So true, right? But have you ever wondered why some people seem naturally driven and fulfilled then? Also, what fuels their passion and keeps them striving for excellence? Well, the secret lies in intrinsic motivation!

It is like the inner spark that, not only pushes us to achieve our dreams but, also lets us enjoy our journey to success. In this blog, you will learn about everything, you need to know regarding the intrinsic motivation to power your business. And achieve all the personal and professional success you deserve in life!

What is Intrinsic motivation?

Firstly, let’s know that intrinsic motivation is a secret inspiration that makes you do things just because they’re enjoyable or interesting, to you. It’s like having an inner cheerleader, encouraging you to explore life, learn from everything around you, and create your own experiences without the need for external rewards. Just visualize yourself as playing your favorite video game because it’s fun, not because you’ll win a prize. Now that’s intrinsic motivation in action!

A real-life example of an entrepreneur’s success

Now Let’s know a real-life example of an entrepreneur’s success driven by intrinsic motivation.


 Yvon Chouinard.

Indeed, Patagonia’s success story shows that when entrepreneurs align their passion with purpose, intrinsic motivation can bring them remarkable achievements.

We all know, that Patagonia is an outdoor clothing company founded by Yvon Chouinard. Well, this company is a result of intrinsic motivation! Yvon’s love for nature and climbing led him to create, gear that was both functional and environmentally responsible.

Now let’s look at intrinsic motivation in Action! Patagonia designs high-quality outdoor apparel, but its mission goes beyond profit. They prioritize sustainability, using recycled materials, and minimizing waste. Their customers resonate with this purpose, driving sales.

Yvon’s passion for the planet extends beyond business. Patagonia actively fights climate change, supports grassroots environmental initiatives, and encourages customers to repair rather than replace their gear. Patagonia empowers employees to participate, in environmental causes during work hours. This motivation fosters loyalty and a sense of purpose among staff.

Therefore, Patagonia’s motivation has paid off. They’ve built a loyal customer base, achieved profitability, and become a beacon for sustainable business practices.

The main types of intrinsic motivation in business


Autonomy is like having the steering wheel of your work life. It’s about feeling in control and making decisions. Importantly, when employees, are given the freedom to choose how they approach tasks, they become more motivated. For example, setting the sales targets for themselves or deciding how to solve a problem.

Mastery (Competence)

Mastery is the desire to get better at something. Visualize leveling up in a video game. Moreover, when employees feel capable and skilled, they’re intrinsically motivated. And, learning new skills, improving, and reaching their potential pushes them to work better. It’s like becoming a pro at what they do.


The purpose is the “why” behind the work. When employees, connect their tasks to a bigger cause, they find intrinsic motivation. Additionally, knowing that their efforts matter, for the team, customers, or the world fuels their purpose. However, the purpose turns ordinary tasks into meaningful ones.

Therefore always know, that these internal motivators make work more enjoyable and fulfilling. So, whether it’s autonomy, mastery, or purpose, these can increase motivation and bring you success!

Intrinsic Motivation vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic Motivation vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic MotivationExtrinsic Motivation
It is doing something just because it feels good inside, like solving a puzzle because you enjoy the challenge. That’s intrinsic motivation!It is doing something because you’ll get a treat or avoid punishment. That’s extrinsic motivation!
But, where does it come from? It’s like an inner spark. You do things because they’re interesting, fun, or satisfying. No external rewards are needed.It’s like a push from the outside world. You act to gain rewards or ditch the trouble.
When intrinsically motivated, you feel pleasant, like a cozy hug of relaxation.Sometimes it feels like pressure, like when in childhood, your teacher expects you to perform great in math tests.
Some of its basic examples are drawing because you love it, reading a book for the joy of it, or dancing. After all, it makes your heart sing.Some of its basic examples are doing chores for pocket money, studying hard to impress others, or practicing piano to win a trophy.
This motivation has a superpower that keeps you going even when there’s no gold star waiting at the end.Extrinsic motivation can help you get stuff done, but it’s not as lasting as intrinsic motivation.
Therefore, the motivation here is like a secret treasure chest inside you, filled with joy and curiosity.Therefore, extrinsic motivation is more like a map, where you just follow it to reach a specific destination.

The importance of intrinsic motivation for entrepreneurs

Intrinsic motivation is like the heartbeat of entrepreneurship! Entrepreneurs are like explorers, discovering unknown territories. So, your journey as an entrepreneur isn’t just about profits or seeking attention! It’s driven by something deeper like a burning passion! This inner fire pushes you to embrace challenges, transforming them into opportunities. We know that a determined person will achieve their goals, even when faced with adversity.

But why does intrinsic motivation matter so much?

  • Intrinsic motivation acts as a secret weapon of resilience. When tasks feel uninteresting, it’s this motivation that keeps entrepreneurs going. Moreover, they find joy in solving problems, even if the solutions aren’t immediately obvious. It’s like turning a dull puzzle into an exciting adventure.
  • Entrepreneurs succeed when they understand how their work fits into the bigger picture. Knowing that their contributions matter gives purpose to their tasks. So, the next time you’re assigned something unclear, ask yourself questions like “What problem are we solving? How am I contributing?” This clarity makes even everyday tasks interesting.
  • Checking off to-do list items releases feel-good hormones in our brains. Accomplishment makes tasks more rewarding and motivates us further. So, tackle easy tasks first, and celebrate small wins! This sets the positive tone for the day.
  • Boredom often arises from predictable outcomes. To fight this, challenge yourself! Can you achieve the same result faster? Can you innovate? By making the outcome exciting, you’ll stay motivated.
  • Intrinsic motivation flourishes in inherently rewarding activities. Helping others is one such route. It’s like adding fuel to your inner fire.
  • Therefore, being an entrepreneur isn’t just about business, it’s about passion, purpose, and pushing boundaries. This motivation keeps that heart beating, pushing you forward, even when the path gets tough.

Here are some factors that influence intrinsic motivation in an entrepreneur’s life

  • The interest in business growth is one of the main factors! Entrepreneurs who genuinely care about their business’s growth find intrinsic motivation. Moreover, they involve efforts because they’re genuinely curious and passionate about achieving success.
  • Undoubtedly, solving business problems creatively is yet another factor. The thrill of finding innovative solutions to business challenges fuels motivation. Entrepreneurs love turning problems into exciting puzzles to solve.
  • Also, recognition and belief in the outcomes influence motivation. Entrepreneurs who believe their efforts will lead to desired outcomes stay motivated. They take responsibility for business expansion, even if it involves risks.
  • It thrives when entrepreneurs see their work as a path to personal growth. It’s like leveling up in a game, they’re excited about progress.
  • Entrepreneurs can tap into intrinsic motivation by helping others. It’s inherently rewarding and keeps their inner fire burning.

How does intrinsic motivation function in the workplace?

  • It fuels ambition and creativity! Intrinsic motivation is like the spark that ignites an employee’s initiative and creativity. When you find a task interesting or enjoyable, you’re more likely to take the initiative to solve problems creatively. It’s like turning dull work into an exciting riddle to solve.
  • Also, it makes the work feel meaningful. When you understand how your job contributes to the bigger picture, it becomes more interesting. Feeling capable and self-sufficient increases job satisfaction and overall well-being.
  • Unlike external rewards, like bonuses, the intrinsic motivation lasts. It keeps you engaged even when tasks get tough. It is like the steady heartbeat that maintains your commitment to work.
  • Additionally, it promotes a culture of continuous learning. It also encourages curiosity. When you’re genuinely interested, you seek out learning opportunities.
  • When you’re intrinsically motivated, you actively participate. Collaboration becomes exciting because you’re contributing to something meaningful.
  • This motivation helps you see how your personal goals align with the company’s mission. It’s like finding your purpose within the bigger organizational picture.
  • When you’re intrinsically motivated, change feels less frightening. You’re driven by curiosity and purpose, making you more resilient in active work environments.
  • Intrinsic motivation isn’t just about tasks but also about finding purpose. When you connect your work to something meaningful, it becomes fascinating and rewarding.

Simple Ways to encourage intrinsic motivation in the workplace

  • Make the work engaging! Personalize your workspace with plants or pictures. Find purpose in your tasks, and know how they contribute to the bigger picture.
  • Embrace learning opportunities. New skills maintain motivation and add excitement to your work.
  • Frame goals as essential for your success. Having clear and meaningful objectives keeps you motivated.
  • Intrinsic motivation succeeds when you collaborate and support others. So, always help your colleagues.
  • Accept additional responsibilities, as taking on more tasks can be rewarding and keep you engaged.

How does intrinsic motivation increase productivity in the business?

  • We know that Intrinsic motivation means doing something because you find it interesting or enjoyable, not just for external recognition or incentives. Now, suppose there are two sales professionals! One person is solely driven, by the commission, and the other is deeply passionate about the product. The second person will influence the customers enthusiastically, increasing his effort without waiting for higher payouts.
  • When employees like their jobs, they naturally want to be productive. This motivation encourages engagement and initiative. It’s like having an inner fire that drives you to take action. Feeling capable and independent enhances job satisfaction, leading to better performance results.
  • Unlike external rewards, intrinsic motivation lasts. It supports your commitment even when tasks get tough. It is like the constant heartbeat that keeps you going, even during challenging times at work.
  • We know, it encourages curiosity. When you’re genuinely interested, you seek out learning opportunities.
  • Additionally, when you connect your work to something meaningful, it becomes fascinating. Intrinsic motivation aligns personal goals with organizational objectives. It’s like finding your purpose within the bigger picture of the company.

End Note

As we conclude, we realize that intrinsic motivation is the key to a fulfilling and driven life! This motivation empowers you to pursue your passions with joy and determination. Indeed, I am sure this blog was informative enough to make you recognize the value of intrinsic motivation! So, if you resonate with all the information above, then make sure you share this blog with all your friends and help them torch their motivation too!

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