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A Complete Catalog of Interesting Podcast Ideas to Try Out In 2022

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Looking for podcast ideas? You are in the right place!

Today, podcasts are a great content platform for creators as well as audiences. Moreover, podcasts are convenient and easy-to-go platforms for people, especially those caught within busy and hectic schedules. With time, the podcast genre has become so diverse, offering something to listeners of all tastes and preferences.

If you are a podcaster or aspiring to become one, this blog will help you with unique podcast ideas and save you hours of brainstorming!

Podcast Ideas for Beginners

Podcast for Beginners

If you have just stepped into the world of podcasting, then you are in for a bunch of surprises. Podcasting has become the trendiest form of content marketing in the present times. Podcasts tend to be focused on a theme or topic. Often, the most successful podcasts are the ones that really niche down and get in-depth into a specific subject.

Following are some podcast ideas to kick start your podcasting journey:

  1. Review your favorite product, web series, movie, or book.
  2. Introduce yourself and your niche topic.
  3. Discuss your favorite topic.
  4. Promote your business.
  5. Recommend your favorite hangout spots, restaurants, cafes, and new locations.

Motivational podcast ideas

motivational podcast

BBesides good books and quotes, motivational podcasts can help uplift and inspire us. This is why motivational topics are most preferred by content creators to inspire their audience.

Below is a list of majorly sought motivational topics you can refer to for podcast ideas:

  1. Personal Growth (personality development, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.)
  2. Physical health (skincare, gut health, physical strength, etc.)
  3. Happiness (how to boost happiness, how to keep yourself happy)
  4. Fitness (workouts, yoga, strength training)
  5. Relationships (relationship advice, family, personal relationships)

Music Podcast Ideas

Music Podcast Ideas

Who does not like a music podcast? Music podcasts are one of the favorite genres for music lovers. However, if you are a music podcast creator and you have run out of ideas for your next podcasts to enthrall you audience, don’t worry as we have got you covered.

  1. Explain the making of a song (how the lyrics are penned, how the music is composed and recorded).
  2. Introduce your favorite song and narrate the story behind it.
  3. Introduce and explain your favorite genre.
  4. Compare two trending songs and state your opinions on both.
  5. Narrate the history of one of the most popular bands.

Solo Podcast Ideas

Solo webcast

CreatinCreating solo episodes for your podcast can be a fun and repeatable experience In case you are a creator and have run out of ideas, you can refer to the below podcast ideas for your audience to keep the flame burning:

  1. Speak about your favorite things and explain why they are your favorite.
  2. Share your favorite routine (morning, skincare, productivity, workout, etc.)
  3. Recommend some productivity hacks.
  4. Share your role model and how they inspire you.
  5. Suggest your favorite things (books, dishes, drinks, movies, locations, etc.) to your audience.

Creative Podcast Ideas

Creative webcast

Being a podcast creator can be daunting at times. There would be times when you might run out of content ideas or would have the urge to elevate your podcasting game. In case you are looking to spice up your content for your audience, here are a few creative podcast ideas:

  1. Make a podcast for specific times like the nighttime (calming podcasts for nights and energetic ones for mornings).
  2. Board public buses and interview the drivers.
  3. Start a podcast talking about the different places you visit (describe the looks and landmarks to your listeners).
  4. Record your daily activities and the things you talk about.
  5. Start a podcast telling different funny stories and jokes and offer humor from a different perspective.

We hope we have saved you from months of brainstorming sessions for podcast ideas. Podcasting is a great way of sharing your passion with a large set of audience. It is one of the best methods to talk about something which you enjoy or are passionate about. Moreover, podcasts are a platform where you can talk freely and engage with your audience on a personal level. Not only is this an effective way to teach your audience or share your understanding, but it also makes the experience more enjoyable for you.

Getting Started with Podcasting

Getting Started with Podcasting

If we have sparked your curious flame to get started with podcasting, we are grateful. Podcasting is easy to master if you have learned about its basics and ins and outs. If you feel anxious and clueless about where, to begin with, do not worry for we have got you covered.

1. How do I come up with a podcast idea?

You can refer to the following 5 steps to come up with great podcast ideas:

i. Pick a niche area that interests you or you are interested about.
ii. Make a list of topics that you are confident speaking about.
iii. Curate them according to preference and convenience.
iv. Research and analyze your audience, target market and market value to evaluate your niche market.
v. Do a test run of your ideas.

Or, you can simply refer to our finely curated list of creative and unique ideas!

2. Do podcasts make money?

Yes! You can easily monetize your podcasts. The most common way podcasts are currently generating revenues is via ads, sponsorships, listener donations, membership, and subscription models.

3. How much money do podcasters make?

According to research and market studies, a podcaster makes up to $500-$900 per episode on an average based on affiliate marketing and ad generations.

4. How to start a podcast with no audience?

You can start off with your podcasting journey even if you have no audience. For this, you will require certain investments, appropriate marketing strategies, promote your launch on social media platforms, and many more.

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