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Castrol® Introduces Castrol® ePods to Economize Service Workshops

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Castrol is impending with a game-changer innovation by introducing Castrol ePODS (efficient Premium Oil Dispensing System). Until today, oil change was not more than an oil change, Castrol switching the system of an oil change with a new gravity-fed system that assures that workshops can sell every drop of oil they buy.

Nowadays, oil changing systems are inefficient, bulky and unorganized, which results in the hindrances in inventory management and clutter shop operations. While adding efficiency and enabling quick oil changing, Castrol ePods comes out with a premium look allowing the multiple viscosity class with no cross-contamination in oil changes.

Aiming to the efficient Methodology:

  •    The gravity-fed design ensures to get and sell every last drop which eventually focuses on the maximum oil usage.
  •   The management in an efficient way goes up with a five gallon package wrap enables right sized, four viscosity grade in a lessen footprint; a semi-transparent bottle with quantified notches letting one see that how much descriptive list precisely have been blocking out of stocks, accordingly minimizing list conducting cost.
  •   A professional workshop with completely integrated construction and design along with the zero cross-contamination and dedicated one crock pitcher to every viscosity grade bottle consequently attached to a premium look. Hence, Castrol ePods brings multiple business profits to the shop owners.

The president of BP Lubricants USA Inc., David Bouet said, “We’re excited to deliver a more efficient motor oil dispensing system that also adds a premium look for our professional shops.” “Continuously looking to revolutionize and innovate beyond the oil to help our workshops out that enables run better and look more premium,” he exclaimed.

Automotive workshops with re-equipped advancement which offers a distinct system much needed by every premium repair shop. Castrol ePods fulfill customers demand for their vehicles to be serviced in a virtuous and professional environment. 

A prime and leading lubricant brand in the world has a passion of performance upgradation, combining with a philosophical working. Castrol with a product heritage of innovation and rising the dreams of the pioneers developing lubricants and greases that have been at the heart of numerous technological feats on land, air, sea and in space for over 100 years. Castrol is a part of the BP group and serves the customers in the automotive, marine, energy and industrial sectors. 



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