Cassia Networks Introduces Latest IoT Enterprise Product Line

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Cassia Networks, the Bluetooth Specialist launches its latest set of Internet of Things products for enterprise applications.

This new line of IoT products includes enterprise-level Bluetooth routers, and IoT access controller and a software development kit (SDK). Cassia Networks, the Silicon Valley-based company is expecting its new products will help speed up the development and adoption of IoT in the enterprise.

These new routers are optimized for indoor settings and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or placed on a desk or counter, including the X1000, which is considered optimal for outdoor environments.

The new IoT access controller has advanced features such as security policy management, Bluetooth “locationing”, seamless Bluetooth roaming and dynamic load balancing. Developers and manufacturers can incorporate the new Cassia SDK into their native apps or server software for seamless integration with Cassia routers and AC.

As per Cassia, this slate of products offers seamless Bluetooth coverage that makes IoT deployments cost-effective; easy deployment and management of hundreds of routers and thousands of devices through a centralized access-controller (AC) interface; the ability to precisely track people and assets; enhanced end-to-end security; and lower barrier of entry and improved return on investment (ROI).

Founder and CEO of Cassia Networks, Felix Zhao says, “The new product lineup improves the functionality of Bluetooth — a move he hopes will be a step toward overcoming the lack of standardization and interoperability across platforms that holds IoT adoption back.”

Further he said, “The ability of the enterprise to easily use IoT environments in business operations is imperative to the success of the IoT market as a whole.” He added, “Despite the headway made on the consumer side of the market, enterprises have been unable to truly reap the benefits of a connected enterprise without great implementation costs.”



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