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6 Common Mistakes People Often Do When Making Career Resolutions

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If you want to prepare career plans and goals for 2023 you need to ensure you avoid any mistakes in making the resolutions. It is only natural that you put career growth as your new year resolution, this is the best time to equip yourself with various new resolutions. To ensure your every resolution can be achieved and avoid any trivial mistakes, we have a summary of the mistakes you need to avoid when making your career resolutions. 

1. Creating goals without any good reason

Often the mistake people make in preparing their career resolutions is by not having a good reason to begin with. This mistake often arises because of the thought that chasing dreams is competition. As a result, the ideals set are only shaped to match the expectations of other people, not what you really want.

If you want to set a resolution, you should adjust the choice with passion and the values ​​that you hold. That way, the resolutions you set have more valuable reasons and meanings, and thus you will be more spurred to make it happen.

2. Prioritizing ego

Did you know that forming goals based on ego is an example of a wrong resolution? For example, the effect of ego-lead resolutions is a fleeting accomplishment. This happened because usually, the goals that you have set have no meaningful meaning. The happiness that you seek will only depend on your success in achieving that goal.

This can be a gateway for you to feel like a failure if you are unable to achieve the resolution. Therefore, when setting career goals, try to avoid excessive ego and think about goals that you know will give you pure satisfaction.

3. Underestimating the time to achieve it

The next mistake that is often found when creating a career resolution is by underestimating the timeframe of working toward your resolution. When you don’t have an accurate estimated completion time, it will be so easy for you to forget about your career resolution because it will not feel like it’s an urgent thing that you have to tackle. Relaxing when working for your goals is one of the reasons you often feel like failure in doing so. It is also not uncommon for you to immediately want to give up and set aside this resolution. 

To ensure this won’t happen, you should not underestimate the power of planning and creating a proper timeline to achieve the goals you have set.  

4. Not learning from a failure

Another common mistake in setting career resolutions is when you are not appreciating failure. Keep in mind that failure is something you will feel in every phase of life’s journey. Failure is an aspect that can shape your character.

Therefore, every time you experience failure, accept it gracefully, and instead of being angry due to the failure, you have to learn from it. A great mentality that will be beneficial for an entrepreneur to have, is when they are able to turn every mistake into a lesson.

5. Not reviewing progress

Not reviewing progress while pursuing career resolutions is also another common mistake people usually make.

Why is reviewing progress important anyway?  

It’s because the process of achieving goals is a long journey. If you don’t examine every progress that has been tackled, the journey itself will feel tiring. So, inorder for you to feel more confident, you should try to examine every progress you’ve made while pursuing your resolution. Small things like celebrating success or reviewing mistakes can go a long way.

6. Creating resolutions or goals that cannot be measured

The next mistake employees usually make when setting career resolutions is by setting goals that can’t be measured!

A good resolution is a resolution that can be measured through and through. If you can measure it, you can track progress and make changes easily. On the other hand, a resolution that can’t be measured will be difficult to track. As a result, you will have a hard time figuring out what needs to be done to reach your resolution. Thus, you should make resolutions that are easier to measure. 

For example, don’t set a goal to only build a business. You should make a specific one, such as building a consultancy-based business that offers accountant services to help budding businesses. This shows your goal and aim clearly and thus it will be easy for you to create a step-by-step thorough guide to establish the business.

These are the six common mistakes you need to avoid when making career resolutions. Start working to achieve your career resolution and make your dream come true in 2023!

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