Carahsoft partners Radiant Logic

Carahsoft partners with Radiant Logic

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Carahsoft will make Radiant Logic’s RadiantOne solution available to the public sector and reseller collaborates via Carahsoft’s Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement V contracts

Radiant Logic’s agency-tested federated identity and directory service based on virtualization offers a plug-and-play solution that works with existing identity sources. This secure identity hub powers the attribute-rich views that applications require to protect key assets without fundamentally reinventing the identity system.

Dieter Schuller, VP of Business Development at Radiant Logic stated, “Technology in the federal sector has to be about providing the highest levels of security, while also furthering the mission—the last thing you want is for identity to be a roadblock. Radiant Logic focuses on the big picture, with an identity integration solution that lets organizations and government entities honor their existing infrastructure, but also enable them to meet any future initiatives that arise.”

Solution for public sector

Today’s federal agencies are under increasing pressure to maintain the highest level of security in their networks, yet they face many of the same challenges year over year. Identity data may be stored across a variety of data sources, including multiple AD domains and forests, LDAP, databases, and web APIs. In addition, many legacy applications cannot handle the additional security means necessary to provide an adequate level of protection and meet federal mandates. Critical attributes are locked in multiple identity silos inside or across agencies, making it difficult to create the rich views necessary for the highest levels of security.

Steve Jacyna, Director of Emerging Cybersecurity Solutions at Carahsoft stated, “We are pleased to make this innovative identity virtualization and synchronization product available to our customers and reseller partners. Radiant Logic has a proven record in federal deployments in promoting security, efficiency, and cross-agency collaboration, and we’re excited to be able to offer their solution to our government customers and reseller partners.”



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