our Cannabis Shopping Experience More Satisfying

How to Make Your Cannabis Shopping Experience More Satisfying 

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If you are new to using recreational cannabis, entering a cannabis retail store can be an exciting but bewildering and overwhelming experience. The choice becomes hard because you have to contend with different brands and decide on many different ways of consuming cannabis. Unfortunately, the state laws do not permit you to walk into a dispensary and sample the fare before putting your money down. It can make the cannabis buying experience hard to negotiate, even though you have the ready assistance of salespersons. Some helpful pointers to making decisions that satisfy you the best:

The Kind of High You Seek

Most dispensaries suggest the traditional cannabis strain classification of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid to guide new consumers. Generally speaking, Indica has a relaxing and sedative effect, while Sativa delivers more energy for physical activities. The hybrid variety falls in between the two. While understanding the effect of consuming cannabis is still under research, the same strain may produce different effects on different people. Generally, how a person feels depends on the presence of terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes determine the smell and flavor, while cannabinoids are chemical compounds responsible for what users feel.

Way of Consuming Cannabis 

As your local cannabis dispensary may advise, smoking is not the only way of getting high on cannabis. You can experiment to find out which delivery method works the best because the effect is different for different people. However, it may help to know that topicals can give you the benefit of relieving pain without a high, but if you want a high, you can try vaping instead of combustion. While you can ingest edibles in many forms like sodas, popcorn, and gummies, you may take 30-60 minutes to feel the effect, depending on your body’s metabolism. Sublinguals act much faster since the drops administered under the tongue are absorbed by the bloodstream quickly. According to CRx Mag, you can buy sublinguals as tinctures, tablets or lozenges, sprays, and strips. You can ingest flower by smoking them or using a vaporizer, while you can consume concentrates using a bowl, dab rings, or vaporizers.

How Much to Spend

The price of cannabis depends on the amount, the brand, and the strength of the product. The cost also varies across different states due to market demand, taxes, and pricing by the retailers. You also need to remember that there is usually a limit on the amount you can buy at a time, depending on the state. Because there is a variance in prices, checking the prices at your dispensary can help you to decide better. Buying a small quantity, to begin with, can help you limit wastage if you don’t like a particular strain or brand.


One of the best ways of finding out what works for you when you are unsure is consulting the budtender at your local cannabis store. Asking questions without bothering about looking stupid and requesting recommendations will help you learn the nuances of cannabis faster and get desired results without wasting time, effort, and money. Sticking to the same outlet and developing a relationship with it also helps.

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