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The benefit of a road trip lies in discovering hidden gems in and around your state that otherwise escape your attention. Baltimore in Maryland already has a lot to offer to its admirers, from cuisine to architecture, culture to natural landscapes, and adventure to leisure opportunities. As a resident, you can cover the attractions in and around your city anytime. But what do you do the other times? Think of a week-long holiday. The American state of Maryland has numerous cities and towns worth visiting. If you want to explore something outside its boundary for a new yet comfortable experience, consider touring West Virginia. You can enter it from Baltimore in about 3.5 hours.

Since it’s assumed to be a week-long plan, renting an RV from or another platform will be helpful. Campervans and motorhomes give you flexibility and ease of travel, regardless of your destination’s weather, road conditions, transportation facilities, etc. Nevertheless, West Virginia has many sites. You can start your journey from Morgantown.


It’s one of the closest destinations to Baltimore. The city is famed for its West Virginia University. As a visitor, you want to indulge in Morgantown’s scenic allure and iconic food choices. Adventure seekers can drive to the outskirts to visit Coopers Rock State Forest, which is surrounded by mountain and Cheat River views. Try the rocky Raven Rock Trail overlooking the river if you love hiking. Coopers Rock State Forest Loop is another option, which leads you to rock formations, a pond, and an ancient iron furnace. On Morgantown’s south, you will find a small town called Fairmount. You can stop here for local food. After exploring the nearby places, you can drive to the Canaan Valley.

The Canaan Valley

You can spend two days here. Your morning will start with a gorgeous sunrise view at Blackwater Falls State Park’s Lindy Point. It requires some hiking and walking through the jungle. But the settings of rock outcroppings, canyons, and mountains make it all worth it. Some enjoy hiking the Elakala Falls trail. Also, consider checking 57-foot-tall Blackwater Falls, where the water looks amber-colored. Like Lindy Point, there is another area called the Pendleton Point Overlook. You can enjoy the magnificence of the river and canyon here. When in Canaan Valley, you must also explore Dolly Sods Wilderness on the eastern side of Mississippi. The area treats you to its grassy meadows, flagged trees, heath barrens, and more.

The New River Gorge

The rightly hyped area in West Virginia offers views of the Appalachian Mountains’ longest and deepest river gorge. You can do many adventure activities here, from rock climbing to whitewater rafting. Long Point is one of the ideal hikes here. However, please tour the Canyon Rim Visitor Center’s New River Gorge Bridge to enjoy the scenic vistas. For the unaware, the bridge’s steel arch is about 1,700 feet, the longest for the Western hemisphere. The bridge spans 3,030 feet in length. It’s also reckoned second in the country in terms of its height at 876 feet above water. Endless Wall Trail and Fayetteville are other attractive spots.

Your one-week escapade from Baltimore, Maryland, to Morgantown and other sites in West Virginia can be as delightful as you would want it to be. So, hire a suitable RV for your on-road comfort and discover the unnoticed gems

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