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How Much Does Building a Deck Cost?

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Home Advisor says that the average cost of building a deck to enjoy summer nights under the stars or cool fall mornings is $8,000. But building a deck can cost anywhere from a little more than $4,100 to a little more than $24,600, based on how simple or fancy your deck idea is.

We’ll talk about the pros and cons of adding a deck, how to pay for it, and how much value you may or may not add to your home.

Average cost of building a deck

HomeAdvisor says that the national average cost of building a deck is $7,863. Prices can range anywhere from $4,120 to $11,608, based on the cost of materials and labor. If you want to get an idea of how much it costs to build a deck, that works out to about $30 to $60 per square foot.

The 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, on the other hand, shows that average prices have gone up based on data from 150 US markets. A 16-by-20-foot deck made of wood costs about $19,248 and one made of composite costs about $24,677. Because the prices range so much, it is very important to know all the costs that come with building a deck.

How to Figure Out How Much It Will Cost to Build a Deck

There are four main things that affect how much a deck costs:

– The size of the deck 

– The materials 

– Any extras like electrical outlets, lighting effects, or fancy railings 

– The work that needs to be done

Pick out the deck’s size

The size of your deck has the most impact on how much it costs to build. Small decks that are less than 200 square feet will do if all you want is a place to relax and do nothing. Most decks are 320 square feet in size. Some larger decks have features with more than one level that let you cook, eat, or have a lot of people over.

Pick out the kind of deck you want

Simple platform or standalone decks are usually the least expensive. Covered or multi-level decks, on the other hand, cost more. People will pay more for a deck with more details. You can choose from four different decks:

Platform or stand-alone decks. The ground is used to build these decks, so they don’t need any footings or pillars. They are also not connected to your house. Many people build a platform deck on top of a patio. On the other hand, a freestanding deck can be built somewhere else in the yard and can be reached from your patio or back door by a walk.

The decks were made higher. Most people choose this type of deck, which is connected to the house and raised off the ground on pillars. The beams are usually attached to the house and held up by concrete footings.

Decks that are two stories high and have more than one level. These decks aren’t very common, but you might see them in high-end homes. They have more than one door to each floor, or if the deck is two stories, an entrance from each floor.

Decks with roofs. A covered deck can protect you from the weather if you like being outside but live in a wet or hot area. Most of the time, a screened deck will cost the most.

Check out the material costs for building your deck

The materials used are the most expensive part of making a deck, after the size. People usually take the most time choosing between the following flooring boards, since they’ll be the ones they walk on every time they’re on the deck:

Wood. Most decks are made of pressure-treated wood, which is just wood that has been dipped in a chemical that keeps it from rotting. Usually, the floor, beams, and fences are all made of the same type of wood. Vinyl records. A vinyl plank deck is much more expensive than a wood deck, but it has a much easier-to-clean, water-resistant surface that won’t burn your feet on hot days.

Composite. Composite materials, which are usually made from recycled materials, cost more than wood but need much less maintenance over time.

Metal. It’s not a popular choice, but some people like it because it doesn’t break down and keeps bugs and fire away. It can be noisy to walk on, though, and it may dent easily.

Pick your extras

Once you know what size and style of deck you want, you may want to add some features that make it unique. Each extra adds to the total cost of work, so if you add a lot of them, you might be surprised by how much it costs.

Patterns for decking. Most people who own their own homes choose a horizontal or vertical board installation for their deck, but you can get creative and use parquet, herringbone, or your own pattern design instead. You can expect a 15% to 20% markup for drawings that aren’t straight.

Stairs to the deck. Decks that are raised or have more than one level need stairs, and each step makes the project more expensive. Custom-made stairs are more expensive than pre-made stairs, which are called stringers. However, pre-made stairs only come in a few sizes and steps.

There are railings. If your deck is more than a few feet above the ground, you might want railings for safety or style reasons. They’re necessary for decks with more than one level, and they’re usually sold and put in by the square foot. Custom-made rails can be made on-site or bought in lengths that are already cut. The job costs more when the rail is customized.

Lights up. Decks that will get a lot of use at night might benefit from having lights put up. For each lamp that they place, they will charge you between $50 and $250 plus an hourly rate.

Cover up. Deck covers are something that people can put on their decks to protect the surface or add more shade. Simple fabric covers start at about $1,200, but based on the materials, whole roofs can cost up to $20,000.



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