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BondWave partners with MSRB

BondWave Partners MSRB

the Deployment of QCurves, BondWave Partners with MSRB

BondWave LLC announced the deployment of its
QCurvesTM yield curves on the MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access
website, the official repository for information on virtually all municipal
bonds. BondWave’s QCurvesTM solution is the industry’s first transaction-based
yield curve assessment.

BondWave is a financial technology company
specializing in fixed income solutions. We serve a wide range of customers,
from small independent RIAs to some of the largest broker-dealers and custody
providers in the financial services industry. Traders and advisors use our
tools to provide a superior fixed income experience to their clients.


BondWave’s QCurvesTM helps users drive their search
for value both for a specific security and across the spectrum of these curves.
QCurves acknowledge that there are approximately 40,000 municipal bond trades
per day from which to build quantitative yield curves. Using trades reported to
EMMA, QCurves are produced hourly, are available directly from BondWave, and
are constructed by ratings category, state or purpose classes. The methodology
behind QCurvesTM takes a consistent, data-centric and transparent approach to the
development of yield curves.

Yield curves, indices and benchmarks, collectively
known as market indicators, are among the tools available to help investors and
others assess sector-specific or broad market information about overall trends,
the general level of interest rates and the value of any single security. The
MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access website provides public access to
municipal market yield curves and indices for tax-exempt bonds, which can be
useful for understanding the general level and direction of municipal bond
interest rates and comparing the relative yields of specific municipal

 Michael Ruvo, CEO of BondWave stated, “BondWave
is committed to its continued support of innovation and evolution in the fixed
income landscape. QCurvesTM will empower users with material insights into
price and yield levels of tax-exempt municipal securities through a transparent
and data-centric methodology. The deployment of QCurvesTM is proof that
transformation and transparency is not only needed but desired by a wide range
of fixed income market participants.”