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Guide to Finding the Best Party Wall Surveyor Near Me

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Most people aren’t aware of the 1996 Party Wall Act legislation. Besides planning permits and building regulations, the Party Wall Act is a legal requirement during renovation or extension projects. The law contains regulations that a building or project owner is required to uphold concerning shared walls.

Minor renovation works on your property are under the permitted planning clause. This allows homeowners to build extensions or convert existing structures without applying for planning permits. However, even under a permitted clause, you cannot ignore the Party Wall Act.

Here, you will earn more about the Party Wall Act. Also shared are tips on how to find the best party wall surveyor near you.

What is the 1996 Party Wall Act?

As mentioned, the 1996 Party Wall Act is a set of rules that building owners must follow during works on shared walls. The building owner is required by law to inform their neighbors of the impending construction works on shared walls or foundations.

Not issuing your neighbor a formal party wall notice can lead to a court case. Your neighbors can sue you. You will also have to stop all construction work until the issue is settled.

You must issue your neighbors a formal party wall notice before breaking ground. The notice should be legal and valid as per the laws and regulations of the act. Here is where a party wall surveyor comes in.

Their job is to help you draft a legal notice for the relevant neighbors. The document will contain detailed reports of your neighbors’ properties. It will also contain clauses that grant you access rights to your neighbor’s property when required during the construction.

Hiring a Party Wall Surveyor Near Me

Finding the best party wall surveyor near you is crucial to ensure compliance with legal requirements and maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbors. You can start by simply searching party wall surveyor near me on Google.

You will get search results of construction firms with party wall surveyors, including well-known reliable companies such as Humphreysandsons. Ensure that you read reviews from past clients to see what they say. This will help you avoid working with unprofessional surveyors who may not deliver as expected.

Also, check their years of experience. How long have they been on the job? More years of experience is proof the surveyor knows all the rules and regulations under the 1996 Party Wall Act legislation. They will also provide a formal notice that is fair to you and your neighbors.

Another good option is to ask for recommendations from your friends or neighbors. Talk to friends who have handled similar projects that involved working with a party wall surveyor. Ask all there is to know about including their communication, professionalism, and rates.

Bottom Line

Finding the best party wall surveyor will make your project flow well without any issues from your neighbors. The tips shared in this guide will help you source the best professional in the field.

Remember, a formal party wall notice is a legal requirement, and your neighbors can take you to court if they don’t receive it before commencing the construction work.

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