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3D printing technology is still in its beginning. Although it has been around since the early 1980s, and numerous advances have happened in the nearly 40 years since the first 3D printing patent was granted, additive manufacturing as an industry is not nearly as matured as other manufacturing technologies. Founded in 2013, Beckatt Solutions helps businesses and schools with new technologies, specifically to organizations with better understanding. It uses its additive manufacturing equipment to help organizations in solving their design, prototyping, and production challenges. With more than seven years of experience in the manufacturing field, it functions on the premises of providing easy access to innovative technologies.

Addressing the Specific Needs

Beckatt Solutions offers a wide range of 3D printing technologies, each aimed to serve as a solution to a particular challenge or a set of challenges a customer may be having. The company offers its client not only products from the top-end of 3D printing manufacturers but also delivers an end-to-end solution that includes application evaluation, recommendation, and implementation strategies. It works together with its customers to ensure they get the correct technology at the correct time, in order to address their specific needs. It also provides comprehensive services, including product training, software training, technical support, and ongoing guidance so that the customers are successful in 3D printing as long as they own the equipment.

Beckatt Solutions believes in a consultative approach—it builds long-lasting relationships with its clients, and works to develop a holistic and nuanced understanding of each client’s specific additive manufacturing needs. Over the period of time, customers’ needs are evolved and so does the relationship with the clients. Building a long term relationship with its clients, Beckatt Solutions further discusses the possible applications for 3D printing in the customers’ businesses providing an advantage while they are investing in equipment and training.

Delivering Practical and Timely Solutions

The pandemic has highly wedged on manufacturing and supply chain disruptions causing a major impact on organizations’ ability to supply critical components during an emergency. In times of crisis, additive manufacturing is critical for continuity and it is expected that more businesses will embrace the technology in the very near future. Beckatt Solutions knows that 3D printing can play a critical role in sustaining the efforts of medical staff in their fight against COVID-19. Many hospitals are still facing supply shortages as their need for personal protective equipment has risen since the start of the pandemic. The 3D printing industry is uniquely positioned to deliver practical and timely solutions by printing components for PPE, parts for testing kits, and other medical devices. As a part of the industry, Beckatt Solutions considers itself fortunate to help the hospitals and other front-line personnel with these critical tools.

Motivating By Mastery and Purpose

Beckatt Solutions is a relatively young company, Michael Storey, Co-Founder and Managing Partner shares his responsibility with his partner, and Matt Pray. The Co-Founding duo manages various aspects of the company such as sales, marketing, business development, application engineering, technical support, and even shipping and receiving at times. It can be challenging to run a company with all these responsibilities, but Michael and Matt complement each other well, plays off each other’s strengths, and help minimize the impact of the weaknesses. Also, the company has a talented and dedicated team, who are helping to make Beckatt Solutions one of the industry leaders in 3D printing.

Michael states, “When things are going well, people don’t need much to stay motivated. It can be challenging, however, to keep teammates invested in the success of your company when times are tough.” Tackling the challenges, the company has found two ways to keep the team members engaged and motivated by mastery and purpose. All the individuals at the company are assigned with endless opportunities to help them in providing a more enriching roll. After completion of meaningful and challenging tasks, these individuals are apt to take on more responsibilities and are highly motivated to succeed.

Investing In the Customers’ Growth

“We see ourselves not as a company that sells 3D printers, but as a partner that helps organizations find the best solutions in order to guarantee the best results,” says Michael. Beckatt Solutions is highly invested in the growth of its customers and their use of 3D printing technology, whether they are first-time 3D printer users or experienced in additive manufacturing. The team has the knowledge and experience essential to help customers with any number of challenges that come with 3D printing. Recently, the company is partnered with Desktop Metal, the industry-leading 3D printer manufacturer who is working to make industrial 3D printing accessible to all engineers, designers, and manufacturers.

Beckatt Solutions believes that 3D printing will change the way parts are designed, manufactured, and sold around the world, and Desktop Metal is well suited to provide the technologies to produce these parts, be they metal or composites. The company is a partner with Desktop Metal to offer its complete range of industrial 3D printing equipment, including the Studio System, the Shop System, the Production System, and Fiber. Through the use of these unique and innovative technologies, it is in a great position to address the unmet challenges of speed, cost, and quality to make 3D printing an essential tool for those in industrial applications.

Exciting Future in 3D Printing

Replacing 3D printing with traditional manufacturing technologies is quite challenging. Nonetheless, the advancement in 3D printing technology and the material will create many opportunities. 3D printing housing helped in reducing the cost and increased the availability of housing. Michael also believes that 3D printing even has the capability of creating a sustainable, permanent trip to the moon or Mars for off-world settlements, as the plan to send up equipment and raw materials and fashion supplies as needed is a viable alternative to shipping finished parts. 3D printing of rockets and satellites is making space-based missions accessible to a whole generation of budding scientists. One of the most exciting futures of 3D printing is the 3D printing of biological materials, including human organs. Numerous companies are working on the eventual replacement organs, which should lead to the end of transplant complications and organ shortages.

Beckatt Solutions

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