ATOM vs AVAX: What to Invest In?

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It’s easy to trade with the top-ranking cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You find a BTC to ETH converter and swap without worrying that both coins will remain among the most valuable in the industry. 

But if you’d like to expand your portfolio, ATOM and AVAX tokens might be the right choice. The question is — which is better for the investor? It’s what we are trying to discover in our post below!

What Is ATOM?

Cosmos blockchain uses ATOM tokens as the native currency. We know this project as the “Internet of blockchains” because its goal is to enable the creation of crypto networks connected to a single hub. The actual Cosmos Hub is decentralized, indicating that the networks can communicate tokens and data programmatically. The idea is interesting, which is why many seriously consider Cosmos when deciding on the ATOM vs AVAX comparison winner.

Cosmos uses the Tendermint BFT consensus protocol, which is a proof-of-stake mechanism type. One hundred nodes that stake the most ATOM tokens are validators, and coin staking also determines voting power. The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) ensures that the info moves freely between the connected networks or “zones.”

ATOM is currently worth around $7.18. If we consider the market cap, it’s approximately $2.6 billion, putting it in the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the industry. As with most tokens, ATOM reached its all-time high in 2021, when it was worth $44.70. The coin’s current token supply is 370,853,651 ATOM.

ATOM Price Prediction

Cosmos has deserved its spot and reputation in the industry, so it’s no wonder that experts have high hopes for it in the future. The exact optimism level depends on who you ask. For example, pessimists think that ATOM won’t exceed $7.26 by 2023, while optimistic forecasts put it at $11.18 or higher.

For 2024, the predictions are anywhere from $8.30 to $18.75. The growth trend should continue in 2025, with everyone expecting ATOM to reach at least $12.27. If the project and the industry boom, ATOM could be worth up to $24.89.

As for the long-term forecast, Cosmos might be worth $32.34 per token in 2028, while some believe it could reach $45 at that point. According to experts, that’s a sure thing to happen by 2030, while some believe that ATOM could be worth $75 at that point.

What Is AVAX?

With Ethereum facing scalability and other issues, many projects were launched to rival this platform, and Avalanche is one of them. Avalanche is a blockchain platform that supports smart contracts and dApps. It uses AVAX as the native currency, and its main features are impressive transaction speed and better scalability options than Ethereum.

Avalanche’s structure includes three blockchains and the option to move them across different chains to achieve desired functions. The network supports the Ethereum toolkit and EVM and uses a unique consensus mechanism that’s a combination of the Nakamoto and Classical consensus mechanisms.

A single AVAX token is worth around $10.24. Avalanche has a market cap of around $3.7 billion, putting it close to the top 20 currencies in the crypto rankings. The circulating token supply is 354,987,880 AVAX tokens, with the maximum supply set at 720,000,000 coins.

AVAX Price Forecast 

The most likely scenario is for AVAX to keep its value during 2023, although some think it could increase to $17 before the year ends. For 2024, the forecasts are different. Cautious predictors think that AVAX won’t exceed $14.84, with its value may not even going over $12. Many believe that AVAX could reach at least $22.06, while optimistic forecasts put the token at $44.28.

For 2025, the value of AVAX is placed anywhere from $14.64 to 58.74 or higher. Long-term forecasts put the token at $77.71 in 2028 and beyond $118 in 2030. Those more optimistic warn that it won’t exceed $24.31 by 2028 and $34.09 by 2030.

ATOM vs AVAX: Best Choice for Investor

If you want to bet on the best Ethereum alternative, AVAX could be among the top favorites, and now is the right time to acquire this token. On the other hand, ATOM is more suitable for those investors who want to support promising crypto projects. Cosmos and Avalanche are already playing an important role in the crypto industry, and their value is only likely to increase. That’s why the selection should depend on your personal preferences or feelings which could be a higher success in the years to come.

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