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How can I Assess a cryptocurrency Value?

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Cryptocurrencies have entered our life, and today the words “Bitcoin” or “crypto trading” do not sound like anything new anymore. Even though crypto has no physical value, it has the same application cases as conventional money. You can buy goods and services with crypto – many shops and companies accept crypto payments. The popularisation of digital assets is scaling. 

Cryptocurrency values are very unstable. They are not governed by central banks but live according to market laws. That is, nobody can fix a crypto price at the same level. Periodic market fluctuations move coin prices up and down, creating a space for profit-making. Indeed, trading and investment are common ways to use digital assets. Successful trading requires thorough knowledge of the market and the ability to analyse cryptocurrency values through technical analysis and external market factors.

The Main Characteristics of digital Coins

If you look at the crypto ranking on the Coinmarketcap recourse, you will see the list of digital assets starting from the most popular and expensive – Bitcoin. There are figures in front of every asset. So what do they mean?

  • Cryptocurrency live price. It is the rate of an asset that in real-time. You can see green and red colours, meaning price growth and drop.
  • Trade volume. The total value of all the trades carried out within one day.
  • Market cap. The total crypto coins value that was produced (mined). It is calculated as the number of coins in circulation X the cryptocurrency live price.

Where Can I Find Up-To-Date Cryptocurrency Values?

All large and credible crypto platforms offer current cryptocurrency rates in real-time. For example, you can use the WhiteBIT exchange, which allows you to buy digital assets with fiat money, invest, trade, and receive passive income in staking. The exchange charges low fees – 0,10% regardless of the sum of the transaction. Beginner users appreciate WhiteBIT’s transparent and intuitive interface, lightning-fast customer support, and investment tools.

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