Apple Pay Integration: A Must-Have for Online Casinos in 2024

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Apple Pay has already revolutionized the online casino experience for both merchants and users. It is a comparatively new method – for example, compared to such e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill that were at the dawn of online gambling history – but it is already extremely efficient and popular. 

Available exclusively for Apple devices, this payment method, however, is secure and convenient. As more and more online gamblers switch to playing on their smartphones and tablets instead of laptops, Apple Pay quickly wins the market. 

Not all Internet casinos already accept Apple Pay, of course, but their number is constantly growing in many jurisdictions. The reason is that with Apple Pay, players can make their payments very quickly and easily, and this effortlessness removes the stress of giving one’s money away and makes it almost unnoticeable. Apple Pay’s convenience and security increase customer loyalty not only to the Apple Pay service itself but also to most platforms that have this payment method included. 

In this post, we look at the most important features of Apple Pay that make it a must for quality Internet casinos in 2024. Online casino players can also consider checking the post out to see whether they should make Apple Pay their preferred deposit method. 

What Makes Apple Pay to Stand Out 

The very first undeniable advantage of Apple Pay is that it is already integrated into Apple devices. One doesn’t have to download and install the app and worry if it is glitchy or needs account registration. Apple Pay is unbelievably easy to use. All the checkout forms that need bank card information, several steps for payment confirmation, and other lengthy procedures, can just be skipped with Apple Pay.  

Some old-school casino gamblers may consider Apple Pay still a bit exotic but the list of benefits explains why this payment method quickly becomes one of the most favorite, at least among users of iOS. 

This payment method is currently accepted by more than half of all online merchants on a global scale. Many customers already use Apple Pay for online purchases so they are familiar with it, trust it, and will easily use it if an Internet casino of their choice gives them such an option. More and more Apple Pay casino sites have started noticing the perks of introducing this method to their users, making deposits as fast and convenient as never before. 

Moreover, mobile casinos really benefit from adding Apple Pay to their list of deposit options because players obviously prefer to have all their gambling tools in one place and at hand. Apple Pay is so intuitive that it makes payments seamless so the player doesn’t have to pause to reconsider their safety or convenience. 

Apple Pay offers almost instant speed of transactions and this is what most players look for, and the best part is that it charges no fee for the transactions from the end users. Only merchants pay the operator for processing the payments. 

Most banks work gladly with Apple Pay which pursues a major strategy of partnering with the big financial institutions every time it enters a new jurisdiction. This is a beneficial difference compared to many other e-wallets that exist separately and either offer exhausting procedures to connect to the bank account or lack this option at all. 

And eventually, Apple Pay fits for making really small deposits to Internet casinos, something that a ot of even very flexible e-wallets cannot provide to their users. Even $1 deposits are possible as no fees are attached. 

The Only Real Drawback 

Non-iOS users are often annoyed that they see Apple Pay offered by Internet casinos more frequently than, say, Google Pay available on Android devices. While one can install Google Pay on iOS, using Apple Pay on Android is not an option so many gamblers find it limiting. 

However, the real drawback of Apple Pay for Internet casino gambling is that one cannot withdraw their winnings back to their bank account via this payment method. 

This is a problem for many payment methods offered by Internet casinos. Far from all of them can accept payouts at all – for example, Visa and Mastercard, or Neosurf don’t do that – or some of them are not willing to accept payouts from online merchants that happen to be casino sites. The reason is strict anti-money laundering policies and local legislation. 

Apple Pay, as an e-wallet connected directly to the payer’s bank card, is not designed to accept payments from online platforms. Therefore, it is only suitable for making deposits to Internet casinos while withdrawals are impossible and are unlikely to be allowed in the near future. 

The practical consequence of this is that Internet casino players who deposit with Apple Pay have to search for a second payment option and connect it to their account to be able to cash their winnings out later. So there is definitely something to consider when you plan to withdraw. 



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