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What to Do About Ants in the Kitchen – 8 easy way in 2022

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Ants are one of the insects that generate less rejection since they do not usually seem as unpleasant or dangerous to us as other insects such as spiders, mosquitoes, or fleas. The usual thing is that ants are present in outdoor places, such as the garden or rural environments, however, they can also appear inside our homes, especially in the kitchen. 

For this reason, it’s a problem that we have to solve as quickly as possible. If you want a fast and cost-effective approach to overcome this ant problem in your domain, visit and install these products in strategic areas in your apartment. In this article, we explain how to eliminate ants from your kitchen using simple home remedies.

Steps to follow:

  1. Ants are insects with a great facility to access small places, settle and reproduce, so they can invade our homes in a short period, appearing everywhere. They are animals that are especially attracted to sweet foods or liquids, although they tend to come in the presence of a wide variety of foods, so these may be some of the reasons why ants come out in the kitchen. Although their presence in a moderate way is beneficial, since they eliminate the larvae of spiders, flies, fleas, moths, and other insects, their presence can be a real nuisance, and even more so when it comes to the kitchen, the place where we keep food.
  1. The first step we must take to eliminate ants from the kitchen is to become mentally aware of good kitchen hygiene. We must think that it is the quintessential place where we handle food throughout the day and that it is very easy for a little sugar on the counter, or not to clean up the remains of some liquid or food, which can mean the call of our little invaders. For this reason, washing the countertop well after handling food or preparing a dish, and removing crumbs or leftover food after eating, are one of the first tips to keep in mind so as not to tempt ants.
  1. The third step to take is to try to preserve food properly, by which they do not give off an odor or can be reached by ants. Their ability to detect the presence of attainable food is impressive, even if it is stored in pantries, cupboards, or cupboards. The best option is to store those foods whose containers usually remain ajar in other containers such as Tupperware.
  1. Now yes, we will start by carrying out measures to directly prevent the ants from having the possibility of accessing our kitchen. To do this, one of the first steps is to seal any crack or access through which the ants can access our kitchen. Look at those places through which they usually appear in a row. You can use silicone, plaster, putty, or other components to achieve this.  It may be that the ants only access through one place, so by preventing their passage we can solve the problem.
install one Unit per one room for better efficiency
  1. Another measure that we can carry out is to distribute odors around the kitchen that are unpleasant for the ants, and that will keep them at bay. You can as well install Ever Pest Ultrasonic Pest Repellers at some points in your kitchen to drive them away. This has the advantage that we can use those products that are more pleasant for our sense of smell while preventing the presence of ants. Some other products we can use to eliminate the presence of ants in our kitchen are:
  •  Crushed mint leaves.
  •  lavender oil
  •  Bay leaves.
  • minced garlic  

Although it is not usually one of the most pleasant smells, it is effective in achieving our goal. We must rub the garlic in the places in the kitchen where ants usually appear.

  1. Among the different ways that we can use to eliminate ants from the kitchen, there is an especially effective one. This consists of using a series of foods that in themselves are not toxic to humans or domestic animals, but are indigestible to ants. The plus of this option is that the ants collect the food and take it to their den, so we will get them to eat it in the place where they are all, eliminating them at the root. Although it may sound somewhat macabre, it is something simple and it will surely give us good results.  Some of the foods that you can use are ground corn, raw cornmeal, or coffee beans. The effect of this method may take a few weeks.
  1. Barriers against ants. This method consists of putting up barriers with products that prevent the passage of ants.  It consists of making a straight line thick enough to constitute a natural barrier for ants. You just have to make the barriers in the places where these small ones usually appear. If they usually appear through the wall, this method will not be effective due to the impossibility of drawing the line.  Some of the products to eliminate ants from the kitchen using this method are turmeric, cinnamon, black or cayenne pepper, talcum powder, and powdered charcoal.

However, we must do this when the ants are not scattered in the kitchen, since otherwise, we will make them remain trapped in our kitchen. We must wait until they have returned to the place where they are hiding.

  1. As a last option, if you detect that after several attempts and after some time has elapsed, the ants continue to appear with the same frequency, perhaps it is time to request the help of an exterminator. This is especially necessary when the insects that have invaded the kitchen are red ants, since these sting and cause pain, which can pose a risk to people with allergies.

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