Amazon Web Services Partners with Cypherium

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Partner to launch enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service

While blockchain represents a veritable paradigm shift for financial technologies and the future of commerce, until Cypherium Enterprise, there hasn’t been a smart contract toolset ready-made for businesses getting to work today. Cypherium seamlessly processes thousands of transaction per second with instant finality, meaning that once a transaction is confirmed, it can’t be modified down the road.

Given Cypherium’s qualities of being instantly final and capable of blazing fast transaction throughput, enterprise users can rest assured the blockchain solutions they implement using Cypherium Enterprise are:

  • Armored in a robust ironclad security
  • Capable of scaling to the demands of real-world business needs

Ethereum, the second most valuable digital asset and most well-known smart contract platform, can handle up to about 15 transactions per second. Hyperledger, a blockchain consortium for major enterprises, handles between 100 and 200 transactions with a minimally decentralized ten node setting.

On the other hand, clocks in at 2,500 to 5,000 transactions per second – and that was only during the testnet. As the network is fine-tuned, those numbers will strengthen and remain incredibly capable at maximally decentralized node settings.

Amongst blockchains, Cypherium shines even brighter. The intervention made by Cypherium rests within the innovative consensus algorithm they’ve hybridized. By taking the best of Bitcoin’s highly decentralized proof of work consensus algorithm and pairing it with Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance for scaling to the needs of growing enterprise use cases, Cypherium has propelled itself to the head of the class.

Finally, Cypherium Enterprise runs a frictionless Turing-complete Java Virtual Machine to encourage the widespread adoption and development of smart contracts in a way that maximizes the practical usefulness of blockchain. Launching the smart contract platform on Amazon Web Services Marketplace is a first step toward dispensing blockchain tools and solutions to a new enterprise audience that has hitherto relied on traditional technologies.



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