Amazon Retail Partners Aiding In Multiple Businesses

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Key Highlights

  • Amazon’s requests are often met with acquiescence by partners. Amazon retail- platform power.
  • Amazon’s ability to connect business lines is important because of its extensive activities in retail, cloud computing, and many more.
  • Amazon having the biggest distribution site in the US.

Voice-Enabled Systems Inc. told smart-thermostat manufacturer Ecobee that it had to include data from its voice-enabled systems even though users were not using them. But the company refuses to share. Ecobee feared that compliance with the demand would breach consumer privacy. Ecobee’s products are compatible with Alexa. Amazon’s voice-powered helper and the company has already exchanged some details with Amazon. Amazon responded that if Ecobee didn’t serve up its data, the refusal could affect Ecobee’s ability to sell on Amazon’s retail platform.

Amazon: A Market Leader

According to analysis firm eMarketer, Amazon’s online distribution site is by far the biggest in the United State. The Company is the third-largest digital advertiser by sales in the United States. According to Gartner Inc., it is the world’s largest cloud storage enterprise in terms of sales. According to Parks Associates, Amazon’s Fire TV systems account for one-third of all streaming video player deployed bases in the United States. It has a significant market share in markets such as voice-enabled headphones, book purchases, and online grocery.

Opportunities for all 

Amazon’s extensive activities in retail, cloud infrastructure, digital advertising, streaming video, voice-assistant technology, and logistics. It has many opportunities to link business lines. It is one of the few businesses that holds such significant roles in so many different sectors.

Dominating the Market may go wrong

When any corporation including Amazon uses its market dominance to place conditions on consumers. It can lead to antitrust issues. Regulators have long investigated whether a controlling corporation limits consumer preference by requiring shoppers who choose one product or service to instead choose another.

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