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Alex Jones Infowars content has been removed from YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Apple

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YouTube, Facebook and Apple have become the latest Silicon Valley giants to take action against Infowars’ creator Alex Jones.

Facebook announced Monday that it removed four pages belonging to Jones for posting content that violated its policies around hate speech and violence.

It came just hours after Apple revealed it removed the entire iTunes library for five of Jones’s six Infowars podcasts, including the shows ‘War Room’ and the daily ‘The Alex Jones Show.’

Not long after Facebook and Apple took action, YouTube removed The Alex Jones Channel, which counts close to 2.5 million subscribers.

Spotify also announced on Monday that it was taking further action against Jones, removing every episode of the Alex Jones Show from the streaming site. Prior to this, Spotify had only gotten rid of specific episodes of the show, leaving most of the library up on its platform.

YouTube had pulled four down videos hosted by Jones last month for violating its policies around hate speech and child endangerment.

Violating the Guidelines

YouTube spokesperson said in a statement that All the users agree to comply with their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when they sign up to use YouTube channel.  When users violate these policies repeatedly, like their policies against hate speech and harassment or their terms prohibiting circumvention of their enforcement measures, they terminate their accounts.

Facebook wrote in a blog post that as a result of reports they have received, last week, they have removed four videos on four Facebook Pages for violating hate speech and bullying policies.



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