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Aislelabs partnership with Fortinet

Aislelabs partnership Fortinet

Partnered with WiFi
hardware provider and cybersecurity experts Fortinet

Aislelabs is pleased to announce the partnership with
Fortinet. Aislelabs helps large venues from hotels to department stores to
stadiums engage with their visitors to understand customer behaviour and
improve service.

Aislelabs is a technology company offering the most advanced
WiFi location marketing, advertising, and analytics platform in the market.
They help clients build relationships with visitors and shoppers, marketing to
them based on their behaviour inside brick-and-mortar spaces. Aislelabs
technology empowers their clients to target audiences across all digital
channels and create high-impact campaigns with measurable ROI.

Fortinet provides top-rated network and content security, as
well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to
form a cooperative fabric. Their unique security fabric combines Security
Processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence to
give proven security, exceptional performance, and better visibility and control
– while providing easier administration.

Attract new customers

Aislelabs now allows businesses to easily secure their brand
as they attract new customers in their marketing efforts and understand
customer behaviour. With direct Fortinet integration with several models of
WiFi APs and controllers, customers can leverage the proprietary security
fabric technology which provides exceptional security and performance. Aislelabs
services numerous industry verticals including airports, retail, brands, coffee
shops, cafes, restaurants, venues, hospitality, and shopping centres.

Cloud-managed WiFi is growing at an accelerated rate and has
become the number one fastest growing segment of the WiFi infrastructure
market. Fortinet builds secure network, appliances, and content security for
organizations providing simple and intuitive connective experiences for end
users. Aislelabs is able to harnesses the power of this security fabric to add
another layer of protection to customer data using their enterprise-grade WiFi
marketing and location analytics platform.