Top 3 Ways AI-Powered Dash Cams Can Help Cut Costs

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Artificial Intelligence takes advantage of machines and computers to mimic the decision-making and problem-solving capabilities of humans. This technology can compose music, detect signs of deadly illnesses, and create art.

In the commercial transportation world, Artificial Intelligence is significantly changing the way fleets operate by boosting productivity, enhancing safety, and reducing expenses. AI-powered dash cams, in particular, help fleets become more profitable by cutting costs.

Let’s discover the top three ways AI-powered dash cameras achieve to cut costs, boost productivity, and enhance safety.

Reduce Collisions

Driving under the influence, fatigue, and speeding are all major causes of collisions on roadways. However, one cause tops the list, and that is none other than distracted driving. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, distracted driving claims over 3,000 lives annually.

According to the recent information from the Centers for Disease Control, a roadway collision involving distraction costs a business approximately $100,300. This doesn’t include non-fatal injuries. When serious injuries or fatalities occur, expenses soar well above that.

With AI-powered dash cameras, commercial fleets can avoid collisions and their associated expenses, including the cost of human lives. AI-powered dashboard cameras use artificial intelligence technology to identify and stop distracting driving in trucks.

Help Safeguard Against Fraudulent Claims

Do you want to have a clear recording and strong evidence to show that you were not at fault after being involved in a car accident? The perfect way to achieve this is to purchase and install an AI-powered dash cam in your vehicle. Don’t wait until you’re involved in an accident to think of a dash camera.

You’ll regret why you didn’t get one before the incident took place. With a top-rated dash camera, all the evidence and proof you require to exonerate innocent motorists and sidestep costly payouts is available. The latest AI-powered dashboard cameras capture HD videos in the clearest possible image to help you prove who was at fault during the incident. This will enable you to avoid compensating for injuries you didn’t cause.

Boost Employee Retention

Various industries, including trucking, distribution, and construction, have experienced labor shortages in the past few years. Hiring great talent has also been a major problem. Retention of employees is the foundation of a profitable business.

Consider the expense involved in hiring, onboarding, and training new motorists. This is enough to show why retention is a more profitable choice. AI-powered dash cameras capture clear video clips of everything that occurs when driving, including unsafe events.

This creates a golden chance for video-based training and coaching. That means you will not look for qualified motorists since this tool enables you to better nurture the ones you already have.

If you want to cut costs and boost profitability, look no further than a top-rated AI-powered dashboard camera. You’ll not only cut costs and boost profitability but also encourage safe driving.

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