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Halo Travel is First to Allow Hotel and Airfare Booking with Voice AI Technology

WEX Inc., an industry-leading global provider of corporate payments solutions, announced a partnership with to launch Halo Travel, powered by Priceline Partner Network, an intelligent, voice-activated chat bot for travel. Halo Travel is the first app allowing booking hotels and flight strictly through voice.

“WEX is proud to help bring this travel innovation to market, adding convenience to booking travel by providing our best-in-class virtual payments technology,” said Jim Pratt, Senior Vice President, Travel, WEX Corporate Payments. “Exclusively through voice command, WEX will process Priceline transactions for Halo Travel users, ensuring a seamless payment process.”

Halo Travel – Voice AI Technology

Halo Travel is device agnostic and can be used by anyone who has internet access, via Google Assistant, which makes it accessible by more than 500 million people. Users can simply say, “Hey Google, Talk to Halo Travel,” and their entire travel transaction can be processed via voice – without having to reach for a laptop. WEX’s virtual payments technology is a key component to conducting the purchase by facilitating the payment from Halo Travel to the Priceline Partner Network.

“Halo Travel is all about customer acquisition through innovation in one of the largest mass market consumer segments in the world. Booking travel will be redefined with our advanced, artificial intelligence powered chat bot. Our partnerships with Priceline Partner Network and Google Assistant mean that hundreds of millions of people will have unfettered voice access to one of the largest travel inventories in the industry. After more than a year of development and testing, it gives me great joy that it will be our AI system that consumers will be engaging with,” said Terence Mills, CEO Incorporated. “This wouldn’t be possible for us to bring this to market without WEX’s virtual payments technology.”




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